How to Design a Stylish Kids Bedroom

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Many of our clients have children (sometimes lots of children), which is fabulous because I love designing stylish kids bedrooms! I’m even thinking about redesigning my girls’ room this year. One of the common misconceptions many folks have is that they have to leave their kids rooms out when designing a luxury residence. This isn’t the case at all! It’s definitely possible to design a chic, stylish room your kiddos will love that coordinates with the overall design of your home.

My favorite part about designing bedrooms for kids is getting to know the children. I love working with the Laura U team to figure out unique ways to weave elements of their personality into the space. One of the challenges about designing kids bedrooms is creating a space that can evolve with them as they grow up. They grow up quickly and constantly updating their bedrooms can be hard. But if you’re intentional about the design of their room, you can create a stylish bedroom that doesn’t go out of style. Here are a few of my thoughts on how to design the perfect kids bedroom.

Consider Function First (hint: it’s more than just sleeping!)

As you’re designing other areas of your home, you think about the various ways you flow between your living room and kitchen. Thinking about the function of your kids rooms shouldn’t be any different. It’s important to think about all the ways your kids will use their room as well. Kids use their bedrooms for so much more than sleeping! It’s their own retreat. It’s a space where they play, imagine, do homework, and hang out with friends.

When you’re designing their space, it’s important to design it with their interests in mind. I like to carve out one corner or space of a room that incorporates their favorite hobby, which of course, will change as they age. For little ones under 10, set aside a small space that’s designated for playing with toys. As they grow up, this play area can be transitioned into a reading spot or study space. A fabulous way to set aside the space is to use a hanging tent. It’s the perfect spot for your little ones to pretend and have fun playing with their friends. As they get older, add a cozy throw and some large decorative throw pillows to transform the space into a chic a reading nook. This hanging tent is a piece they’ll love!

A sports-themed boy's bedroom with fun baseball decal Bunkbeds with gray bedding and a green nightstand chest from Bungalow 5 A perfectly mature room for a teen boy, complete with leather arm chair

Go Bold with Patterns and Color

The key to a stylish kids bedroom is not to shy away from patterns or color. A neutral, contrasting color palette ensures the design is Classically Current and that it will be relevant for years to come. You can use a more dramatic color palette like black and white. Or you can choose something more subdued, like gray and cream. These color combinations provide the perfect neutral backdrop for the space. While layering in pattern and color adds visual interest and personality to the space, it’s best to use no more than 3 colors and no more than 2 patterns. This prevents the space from feeling like there’s too much going on.

You want a stylish room, not a cluttered room. Some of my favorite colorful details for a stylish kids bedroom are pom poms on a curtain, whimsical light fixtures, and bespoke artwork. These elements infuse your child’s personality into the room and make the space feel like their own. I love this sweet bedroom we designed for our client’s daughter. The bold wallcovering is playful and adds lots of color. The crisp white paired with a soft blush is feminine without feeling too young. It’s a classic, chic space that definitely won’t go out of style.

 A nursery with Feizy rug, rocking chair and seafoam pouf

Storage, Storage, Storage

Kids amass a lot of stuff. Whether it’s toys or books, it can feel like their stuff is everywhere so having sleek storage is key. Drawers, shelves, and built-ins keep toys off the floor and are the perfect place to display awards and memorabilia when they get older. When deciding what storage to include in the design, think about what their interests are. If your child likes to read, incorporate shelving as a focal point in the space for them to showcase their book collection. Smart storage is an essential part of designing a space that grows with your child. It gives them a place to put everything away which gets them into the habit of cleaning their rooms.

Big bonus! When it’s easy to organize, it’s easier for them to create those good habits and makes decluttering a breeze. What mom doesn’t love that? In this stylish kids space we designed, we chose to use open bookshelves with storage space near the floor. The open shelves keep toys and books out of the way, but still allows your kiddos to easily reach everything. The colorful storage cubes make it easy for them to pull out and put away their toys when they want to play.

High Performance Fabrics are Your Best Friend

As a mom, I know that no matter how careful you are, stains can and will happen with your little ones. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use high-quality furniture in their rooms. When you make the investment in high-quality furniture, guarantee they’ll last by using high-performance fabrics. They help wick away spills, are easy to clean, and prevent you from worrying about cleaning up messes (or worse, messes that don’t go away!). Some of my favorite fabrics to use are Crypton and Revolution Fabrics.

What I love about high-performance fabrics is that they not only protect your furniture, but they also help prevent accidents. Using fabric to cover sharp edges is an easy way to protect your children from getting hurt. Knowing that their kiddos would be running around and playing in this nursery (see the patterned nursery above), we wanted to make sure to minimize sharp edges. We chose a rocking chair with rounded edges, covered in a gorgeous gray fabric and paired it with a soft leather pouf. It’s the perfect space for their kids to safely play.

Purchase Furniture that Stands the Test of Time

It’s easy to change out pillows and throws, but furniture is much different. Your kiddo might think having a car-shaped bed is cool now, but they may not love it when they’re 16. When selecting furniture for their room, it’s better to invest in high-quality pieces that are durable, well-made, and neutral. Choose larger pieces for their bed, nightstands, and sideboards that will accommodate their things when they get older. We love Bungalow 5 for furniture for kids room. When we were designing this bedroom for our client’s son, we selected classic pieces like a womb chair and fabulous nightstands. To give the space a more casual vibe, we layered playful decorative pillows on the chair and added two more contemporary poufs. It’s a cool, sophisticated space he can relax in.

Designing a stylish room for your kids starts with selecting high-quality, neutral pieces that can be used in different ways as they grow up. Don’t be afraid to layer in colors and patterns to help show off their personality and make the space feel more like their own. Be sure to include lots of shelves or built-ins for storage and to give them a space to showcase their favorite pieces. You don’t have to sacrifice style for function when designing the perfect kids bedroom. And it doesn’t mean your kids’ rooms can’t be as chic as the rest of your home. The key is to think about how they’ll use the space now and in the future. This will ensure your kids have a stylish space they’ll love for years to come.