Behind a beautiful wall covering – Q&A with Attalie Dexter


It never fails. From going to market, reading one of my favorite design blogs, or browsing on social media, I’m constantly introduced to amazing products and artists! Besides using newfound faves to create Classically Current interiors, our team loves to share pieces we’ve been obsessing over in our journal. Last November, our Obsessions blog post featured Attalie Dexter Home + Accessories. Shenay, one of our lead designers, stumbled upon this beautiful, authentic wall covering idea! Since then, we’ve set out to learn more about Attalie and her creative design process.

My favorite piece from Attalie Dexter is the Waveforms oversized wall hanging in this rich navy, clay and chartreuse color. I can picture this going above a little settee in a casual relaxed library! I love the unique colors. They’re dynamic and interesting, but not loud. Even in a neutral color palette it makes a beautiful bold statement.  So dreamy! – Shenay Keyes, Lead Designer

Laura U Interior Design Lead Designer, Shenay, comments on her love of Attalie Dexter"s Waveform

Located in Los Angeles, Attalie Dexter started her business in 2009 by designing unique jewelry. Her line has evolved to include fabulous wall coverings and fun mobiles. The natural texture and handmade feel of her designs are perfect for bringing a chic vibe to any space. Or adding a pop of color!

I personally love the visual interest in her pieces. The intersecting lines, texture, and colors all work hand in hand. After exploring her unique designs, I was excited to chat with Attalie about her source of design inspiration.

Casual lounging space featuring unique wall covering from Attalie Dexter

LU: The look and feel of your collections are unique and organic. Where do you find inspiration for the overall design of your line?

AD: Everywhere! Architecture, nature, light, movies, books, conversation. I find it helps to get out of your comfort zone and try something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. It gets you out of feeling like you’re stuck in a creative rut.

Two golden, neutral Attalie Dexter wallcovering pieces add texture and interest to this space

LU: What inspires the textures and color palette you use for your wall coverings?

AD: Nature and natural materials have inspired my wall covering designs in the past. This led to designs with more neutral colors. But I’ve been experimenting with brighter, more vibrant colors. I’m attracted to clashing colors, unusual color combinations and colors that create movement. These require more experimentation. You can’t tell how color pairings will look or what their visual weight is unless you try it. You have to test the color combinations to see what they’ll look like.

Beautiful, geometric and contemporary mobile design by Attalie Dexter

LU: Every piece in your collection shows consideration and thoughtfulness. How long does it take to create your one-of-a-kind wall coverings?

AD: For new wall coverings I want to add to the collection, the process can take from a few weeks to a year.

I also love designing custom wall coverings. For a custom piece, I ask clients to allow about a month. Depending on the project, the completion time can vary and creating a custom wall covering takes more time than it may seem. Email communication throughout this process is key.

During this time, I’ll make a sample or smaller version before creating the client’s full-size custom wall covering. This way I can ensure the colors, design, and construction work. I like to create the wall covering and step away from it for a day or two. Seeing the designs, especially the mobile designs, with fresh eyes is beneficial.

A monochramtic wall covering design by Attalie Dexter placed above a bed

LU: What’s your favorite wall covering to design?

AD: The mobiles are my current favorite! Each one is unique and fun to make. I create my designs to reflect the individual clients. No piece is like any other. I like to think of them more like moving pieces of art.

Many of my clients choose to incorporate a mobile into their children’s room or nursery. My hope is that my designs are more timeless than typical mobiles. I want my clients to be able to use them to freshen up a space post-nursery!

Behind a beautiful wall covering idea - Attalie Dexter shares why mobiles are her favorite

One of my recent projects gave me the opportunity to work with a creative mom who works in interiors. She asked me to design a mobile for her nursery which had unusually tall ceilings. The design needed to fit the space, so I ended up creating my largest mobile to date! The space turned out super cool and wasn’t anything like a typical nursery.

I’m excited and inspired by making larger, oversized pieces. I’m in the process of designing my largest wall covering for a salon in the arts district in downtown Los Angeles. It’s going to be 24 feet wide! I have a feeling this piece is going to be my new favorite. I can’t wait for the installation which should happen soon.

One-of-a-kind wall coverings from Attalie Dexter add visual interest to this space

Incorporating a beautiful wall covering is a fresh take on adding dimension and visual interest to a space. Add a modern mobile to your nursery for a fun twist on the traditional style. Or place a custom wall covering in a neutral space to add texture and color. Thank you so much Attalie for giving us an inside look at your design process!

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All images courtesy of Attalie Dexter