A Classic Houston Home Gets a Modern French Country Update

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French interior design is defined by its sophistication and simplicity. Names like Jean-Louis Deniot, Christian Liaigre, and Joseph Dirand bring to mind rooms of timeless elegance and modern symmetry. French looks are often requested and repeated, not just in interior design but in fashion, music, and wherever the fine arts are appreciated.

The traditionally decorated estates of Provence are no less celebrated than their Parisian counterparts. Recognized by their vibrant color palettes and lived-in decor, French Country homes are no strangers to being copied. While it is such a geographically specific aesthetic, it is popular all over the world. And has been especially embraced by our clients in Texas.

For today’s project reveal, our client hoped for a French Country look with glamorous updates to comfortably support their growing family of six. We collaborated with the couple to determine a concept that, very much like the Provincial style, was relaxed, comfortable, and undeniably stylish.

Modern French Country Design Inspiration: Comfort, Warmth, and Authenticity

French interiors honor the past with modern glamour, warmth, and authenticity. Having a space that reflects the personal lives of the homeowners plays a very important role. This attention to lifestyle and personality was actually one of the primary reasons our clients decided to work with us. Not only were they hoping for a home that reflected who they were, they wanted to surprise their kiddos with unique bedrooms. Each room would be decorated with that child’s personality in mind.

We initially set out to complete a smaller project for the bedrooms, but those plans changed when the family moved into a larger home. Once they closed, they asked us to do a full home remodel!


This dining room gets a French Country modern update by Laura U and team The living at Creekside before the renovation began - bright and airy A look at the kitchen and breakfast room at Creekside before reno

As an active family of six, the most important thing was to make sure the home was functional. Because French design is practical at its core, we provided a design concept with French flair and a comfortable elegance. By pairing vintage antiques with modern art, we created a home that was both deeply personal and contemporary. This home features a modern, Modern French Country-inspired color palette of soft grays, whites, and touches of deep blue. Exposed brick and wood floors bring a beautiful textural contrast to the crisp walls. We selected luxe high-performing fabrics and designed unique rooms for each of the kids. The mix of contemporary pieces, beautiful antiques and pops of color create a chic, warm, family-friendly space that looks timeless.

Design Challenge: Up Against the Clock

The clients were open and decisive. They were easy and fun to work with! Our main challenge was our timeline. With four kids, our clients wanted to be in their new home as soon as possible. The entire project duration was 20 months, and the clients needed to be in the home by month two.

We modified the kitchen, improving the flow and upgrading the finishes. Instead of selecting new flooring and kitchen counters, we reworked what was already in place to go with their modern French country aesthetic. We completed minor construction work just as the family moved in. The experts at Schenk & Company helped us select a beautiful warm gray finish for the existing wood floors. And we refreshed the counters to a leathered finish. This softens the counter and picks up the tones of the floor. The combination is warm, inviting, and allowed the family to move into their new home faster.


A bright, Fench inspired living room in Houston, designed by Laura U French Country Modern Interior Design Living Room in Houston A bright kitchen with lantern pendants, silver hardware pulls The living room at Creekside in Houston with French Country Modern design A peek inot the refrigeration systems at Creekside, with brick detail A close up of the living room at Creekside with snapdragons on a bench The breakfast room at Creekside after renovation with bright linen slipcovers Another view of the formal living area at Creekside, with telescope and beautiful tryptich artwork The formal dining room at Creekside with regal blue chairs and gilded mirror

Modern French Country Design Must-Have: Vintage Pieces & Beautiful Art

Antiques and wood accents are essential elements of the French style. However, a neutral color palette with distressed wood and antiques can feel dated. By pairing them with modern art, structured seating, and sculptural metallic accessories, the result is a space that feels relevant and modern.

Their whole house is stunning, but our favorite room is the family room. Their collection of vintage antiques mingle with contemporary pieces in a way that’s fresh and new. I love how the rich wood floors add warmth and help ground the design. A neutral rug, a pair of antique benches, and a beautiful light fixture add natural texture and depth to the cool color palette. The curves of the table lamp, the piece of art on the wall, and the metallic sculpture soften the structured lines of the furniture.

The Personal Touch: 4 Unique Retreats for the Kiddos

I love designing kids’ rooms, but they can be a challenge. Kids grow up quickly and no parent wants to redesign a room every time a new fad takes over an old trend. We designed these retreats to evolve with the kids as they grew up and decorated them to reflect each child. Colorful details like accent pillows, wall decor, and whimsical lighting help to infuse their personality into the room. In the oldest son’s room, we sourced authentic jeep steering wheels to create a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art. For their youngest son, we fabricated a rock climbing wall for the side of his bunk bed. (Now, that’s a fun way to get into bed!)

In their daughter’s room, a hanging chair gives her a great place to read without cluttering her room with furniture. Her custom bed with a canopy is elegant and sophisticated. Designing these chic, stylish bedrooms for our clients’ kiddos was so much fun! A neutral color palette of soft gray and white ties the bedrooms in with the rest of the home.

A teal and cream colored bedroom for a young girl, designed by Laura U Fun steering wheels adorn the walls at this boys The French Country Modern update of the bedroom at Creekside, a Laura U project Two boys rooms, one with traditional Moroccan rug and the other with a rock wall

These timeless colors ensure the bedrooms won’t go out of style. Bold colors like orange, blue, and teal pop against the neutral color palette and add energy and playfulness to the design. These are super chic! But of course, we all know that with kids, nothing stays this fresh for long. That’s why we add ample, stylish storage that makes clean up a breeze.

This French country home is sophisticated, comfortable, and simple. It’s perfect for this active family! Luxe fabrics and a gorgeous color palette mixed with beautiful antiques and contemporary pieces create an elegant, family-friendly space. This fresh, modern home is a place the family will enjoy for years to come. For more behind the scenes looks at what the team is working on, follow along on Instagram.