Moodboard Monday: Modern and Relaxed Design at Dunstan

Interior Design

Today’s Moodboard Monday focuses on Dunstan, a home located in Houston’s Southampton neighborhood. Our lovely clients relocated to this new home, and they wanted a custom design that was more modern than their former residence. They love to entertain for the holidays, whenever friends are in town, and just for the fun of it on a weeknight. Their goals with the design all centered around comfortable dining and living areas that could support large gatherings and more intimate parties.

The homeowners were referred to us by previous clients, so they knew we could execute a plan that fit perfectly with their California casual style. They were excited work with professionals who could manage every last detail, and we were thrilled to collaborate with homeowners who loved the process!

Finding the Style of the Home

Moodboard Monday for Dunstan showcasing the neutral furnishings in this modern home, by Laura U

The home itself is quite different from the Georgian facades found in Southampton. But this is exactly what the couple were looking for: modern, effortlessly cool, and different. What we loved about the home was the abundance of natural light. On the first floor, the wall of windows opens upward, integrating the outdoors with the inside.

Spacious and open, the home was quite perfect in terms of its architecture. Built by Covington Builders, this modern home has a fairly open concept first floor, with separate spots for a study, dining room, and interior wine storage.

The clients’ former home was very Old World and traditionally influenced, so they sought a major change at Dunstan. We conceptualized a space with clean lines and Mid-Century modern furnishings for a casual, elegant look. The clients love their second home in Santa Fe, and they wanted to incorporate that energy into their Houston home too. Desert life embraces nature and slowing down. We found that here with soothing palette of grounding neutrals that we punctuated with vibrant shades of the American southwest.

Modern Art in a Modern Design

A quiet corner at Dunstan, designed by Laura U

A view into the living room at Dunstan, a modern home in Houston designed by Laura U


But perhaps most important in the design is the highlighting of the clients’ art collection. Every piece is specific to this home, and we discussed at length how to best accentuate the works found in each room. By marrying the design to the artwork, the home finds cohesion and balance, but also a tension. There’s something wonderful in the challenge art presents to the viewer, an experience that changes over time. To subdue the energy, the home relies on a collaboration of soft neutrals and repeated textures to soothe and relax.


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