Small Bathroom, Big Update: A Remodel Guide

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Small bathrooms may be low on size, but they offer wonderful opportunities to go big on creativity and style. Don’t shy away from patterns, saturated dark colors, and dramatic hard finishes. This is the room where you can allow your maximalism to run wild.

Bathroom renovations are typically one of the best returns on investment you can make in terms of home remodeling. Updating the countertops can add so much value to your home, while taking no time at all to complete.

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

You can play around your powder room with fun colors, bold finishing, alluring wall-coverings, and dramatic fixtures. This compact space can be as dramatic or as simple as you’d want it to be. All of us have different tastes, and we believe the powder bath is a wonderful space to let your imagination do the talking. 

Bold Wallcoverings

There is a misconception that small spaces need only be minimal and bright. This is not true! In fact, a small powder bath, without a window, benefits from darker colors and vibrant wallcoverings. Natural light is reflected by light shades, but in the absence of light, moodier, more dramatic selections make a bigger visual impact.

You will notice in the baths below that contrast is an overarching theme. We like to pair contrasting hues as it adds a much-needed tension to a space. When the eye is challenged, it finds ways to make sense of what it sees: that means absorption of the design selections in a fresh, intuitive way. Not only do we love a good black and white, we love the look of brass against white, gray against cream, and blue with a pop of yellow florals.

Creative powder bath with colorful wallpaper and matching mirror and pendant light by LauraU, Houston

Butterflies add femininity and drama to this powder bath, in contrast to the black and white.

Dramatic powder room with black and white backsplash, red basin and high-gloss white cabinets.

This powder room is a pop of modern art with dramatic contrast.

Powder room with blue and white wallpaper and copper mirror frame with white wall lights.

Floral wallpaper in marine-inspired shades add a dash of abstract beauty to the whole bathroom.

White and copper wall lights match well with copper mirror frame in this powder bath

The combination of a white and copper sconce with a copper mirror frame is a treat to the eyes.

Powder room with black & white back wall,  contrasting countertop & black cabinets by LauraU.

The use of this Lindsay Cowles, high-contrast wallpaper against the marble counter top is a treat to the eyes.

Minimal Look, High-End Finishes

If you want to maintain a clean-lined, minimal look, we recommend selecting a place to splurge. High-end marble countertops, with a dynamic marbling, speak for themselves, and speak loudly with minimal accessories and decor. Take for example these powder baths with striking countertops and vanities. This marble basin below continues upward, providing subtle contrast with the brass fixtures in this small bathroom.

Countertop in neutral color with contrasting faucets in this beautiful powder room by LauraU

  This large-scale piece has a major impact and creates an enigmatic feel for your guests.

Small powder bath with blue cabinets, white countertop, and white wall tiles by LauraU

The statement white tiles from Ann Sacks give dimension to this stylish and playful bathroom.

Elegant powder bath with round mirror, patterned wallpaper,  copper lights and mirror frame.

The combination of patterned wallpaper with round mirror adds richness to this bathroom decor.

This powder bath shows our love for round mirrors. They can quickly transform any small bathroom. They work with other bathroom decor to create an even bolder look. We framed the mirror in a brass rectangle to connect to the stunning wall sconce. The result is minimal, elegant, and like a piece of art.

Statement-Making Tile

If you want to make a statement, but aren’t of the wallcovering persuasion, you simply cannot go wrong with tile. One way to add dimension to an interior is to create patterns. Tile does this effortlessly. Whether you want to create patterns of color or tonal shapes, tile lets you do this in three dimensions. One of our favorite sources for tile in Houston is Ann Sacks. Our Green Tree project features Ann Sacks tile from the kitchen to the bathrooms, all in stunning ways. 

Powder room with brown wood cabinets, biege wall and brass lights

This small bathroom at Green Tree is the perfect example of using tile to make a great impact.

Powder room with brown cabinets, white countertop and blue tiles by LauraU, houston.

White quartz contrasts with a dark wood to elevate the Ann Sacks tile seen here in this bath.

White walls, white & black sink contrasts with the colorful tile floor

Patterns delight the eey in this Santa Fe powder bath – this time with floor tile.

Bring on the Drama

The powder bath is small, frequently used, and one of the spots in your home guests are sure to notice. Surrender yourself to finding your personality in the most dramatic finishes possible, and impress everyone with your stylish selections. While a larger room would become overwhelmed with this scale of maximalism, the powder bath provides a perfect showcase.

Dramatic powder bath with round mirror, black & white marble countertop and white cabinets .

Featured in Elle Decor, this powder bath at Dumbarton features a black marble counter top and a dramatic wallcovering.

small bathroom with black and white interior and contrasting brown stools by LauraU, Houston.

The powder bath at our Regentview project stuns with high-contrast black and white.

How to Approach a Small Bath Remodel

Selection of counter tops, faucets, cabinets, cabinet pulls, and wall paper can seem like a lot – and that’s because it is! We’re often asked how we make the right decisions when there is so much to choose from. We specialize in the entire home, transforming each room from top-to-bottom, and don’t take on one-room projects. But there are a few recommendations we like to make if you’re facing a bathroom remodel:

Select high-quality fixtures

Kohler is one of our go-to brands for fixtures. They offer innovative, high-quality, and classic looks for bathrooms and kitchens. Laura’s home on North Boulevard features Kohler throughout. Because bathrooms are high-traffic areas, investing in quality ensures you will have beautiful fixtures for years to come.

Consider durability

Marble is always a stunning choice, but if you don’t clean it properly, marble stains easily. And sadly, once that stain is there, it is nearly impossible to remove! We have used large porcelain tiles in bathrooms, and in large entertainment areas, to make cleaning a breeze. Considering how often the powder bath is used, durability should be a top priority.

Sconces add a beautiful touch

Layering lighting is so important. In a bathroom, an overhead or recessed light is a necessity, but adding a fixture more at eye level adds warmth. We recommend Hudson Valley Lighting, which carries four different brands to cater to taste and price point.

You can take inspiration for your next powder bath remodel with these small bathroom remodel ideas. Trust us, they work like magic when you are ready to go all bold and dramatic with this little space. Follow along on Instagram for more small bathroom remodel inspiration!