Getting Your Home Summer Ready in 12 Simple Steps

River Oaks Modern pool and back of house

We are just days away from early summer weather and endless outdoor entertaining, but is your home ready for the season? From rotating artwork to stocking your pool house to optimizing your outdoor living space, here’s everything you need to do before guests gather in the backyard. If your summer will be spent elsewhere—perhaps abroad amidst the cobblestoned streets of Europe, south of the border on tropical beaches, or up north in a mountain cabin—now is the perfect time to schedule remodeling projects for your main house. Read on to learn all about how to prep your home for summer and which renovations to align with your vacation.

12 Simple Steps to Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

Rotate Artwork and Ensure Delicate Pieces Are Shielded from the Sun

Artwork in the hallway of our Garnet Residence, the breakfast room of our River Oaks Modern project, and the foyer of our Hedwig Village project.

Whether you’re an avid collector or an artist yourself, you probably rotate artwork seasonally. However, refreshing your home’s decor is not the only reason to swap paintings and works on paper currently on display for those in storage.

As summer approaches, it’s important to protect delicate artwork from extended exposure to sunlight. Consider rotating your artwork to prevent damage and fading of less lightfast pigments caused by UV rays. Ensure that particularly sensitive pieces are placed away from direct sunlight or shielded by UV-filtering glass, a window well, or curtains to maintain their vibrancy and structural integrity.

Remember, fading is irreversible. By investing in these preventative measures, you will save money on future treatment costs while preserving your artwork’s resale value. For more information, work with a designer or consult this resource from the Canadian Institute for Conservation.

Update Your Outdoor Entertaining Space with a Kitchen and Bar

Much of our summer entertaining is spent enjoying the warm air outdoors. Adding a kitchen, bar, and seating area optimizes outdoor space so you and your guests can bask in the sunlight and fresh air without constantly running into the kitchen for more refreshments.

Equip your outdoor space with a grill, sink, range, pizza oven, and ample counter space for preparation and serving. We also added all new Bernhardt furniture to the loggia of our Balmore Circle project to ensure there is adequate seating around the outdoor kitchen. Not only will you create a functional and inviting environment for hosting friends and family, but you will also save on cooling costs by keeping your indoor oven switched off.

Extend Your Living Room with a Loggia

The loggia and pool of our Balmore Circle project, with the loggia of our Hedwig Village project on the right.

To further optimize your home’s entertaining area, extend your living room with a loggia. This covered outdoor gallery provides a seamless transition between your home’s interior and its garden with a protected area where you can relax, entertain, or simply enjoy the summer breeze.

Furnish it with comfortable seating, performance fabrics, a ceiling fan, fireplace for when the cool air floats in, and elements that match the interior design to create a stunning and functional extension of your living area. Collaborate with a design firm on landscaping and millwork to create cohesion between the home’s interior and your new loggia, as we did with our Balmore Circle clients.

We promise, you’ll spend much of the year lounging below your loggia—from late spring all the way through early winter.

Replace Heavy Furniture with Lighter, Cooler Versions

Airy furniture from our Colonial Drive living room, Sandalwood Contemporary family room, and primary bedroom of our Hedwig Village project.

Transition your interior to summer by replacing heavy, dark furniture with lighter, more breathable alternatives. Opt for pieces made from materials like wicker, rattan, or light-colored woods, which can help keep your space feeling cooler and more open. Slip covers can also make an enormous aesthetic difference without replacing all furnishings. Be sure to consult with an interior designer if your home suffers from high humidity or aridity during the summer, as certain materials are less resistant to such extreme weather.

Update Entertainment Systems Including Speakers and Screens

Televisions and outdoor fireplaces at Balmore Circle and River Oaks Modern.

Get your home summer-ready by upgrading your entertainment systems. Install the latest in audio and visual technology—think high-quality speakers and ultra-HD screens—to enhance indoor and outdoor entertainment.

Equip each system with smart technology to ensure sound follows you across the property without losing clarity. These updates are perfect for summer movie nights under the stars or for amplifying dance music during backyard parties.

Invest in a Floral Arrangement Subscription to Bring the Outside In

Various floral arrangements from Balmore, River Oaks Modern, and Hedwig Village.

Infuse your home’s interior with the fleeting but incomparable beauty of summer by subscribing to a floral arrangement service. Fresh flowers delivered regularly can transform your home by bringing vibrant colors and fragrances indoors. This touch of nature not only beautifies your living space but also enhances your mood and the overall sensory experience of your home.

Stock Your Pool House with High-End Skincare and Luxurious Scents

The bathroom and exterior of our Braeswood Place pool house, with pool and fire pit in the foreground.

This is one update that won’t send you running to your local home improvement store! Elevate your guests’ poolside experience by stocking your cabana or guest house with high-end skincare products and luxurious scents. Include sunscreens, after-sun lotions, and hydrating sprays to protect and nourish the skin, along with candles and diffusers to infuse the area with relaxing or invigorating fragrances that recall the main house’s atmosphere.

Swap Drapes with Gauzy Window Treatments

Drapes and shades in our Mountain Lane, Sandalwood, and Hedwig projects.

While heavy drapes can block entry points for drafts and save energy during the winter, they are also magnets for dust mites. Plus, the crushed velvet or brocade of heavy curtains simply does not work for spring and summer.

Lighten up your windows for summer by swapping out heavy drapes for gauzy, light-permitting treatments. Sheer curtains can soften the sunlight—creating a bright yet diffuse light that enhances the airy feel of spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows.

This switch not only brightens your home but also reinforces that breezy, laid-back summer atmosphere we all love. With improved air flow from outdoor to indoor spaces, you might also reduce indoor humidity levels and save on utility bills that often shoot up during the hot months as we run our air conditioners continuously.

Switch to High-Thread-Count, Lightweight Sheets and Duvets

Light, pastel bedding in our Garnet Residence and Hedwig Village projects.

Similarly, switch to high-thread-count, lightweight sheets and duvets. Opt for materials like linen or cotton, which breathe well and feel soft against the skin—thereby promoting better sleep and comfort after even the hottest days. Make these upgrades in your own home and in your pool house to ensure family and guests stay cool and comfortable all night long.

Ensure All Outdoor Lighting is in Working Order

Outdoor lighting in and around the loggia at Hedwig Village and Balmore Circle.

Prepare for summer evenings by ensuring all outdoor lighting is fully functional. Check each light fixture for bulb functionality and weather resistance—replacing any burnt-out bulbs and repairing damages to fixtures. In doing so, you will enhance the safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior spaces—making them perfect for nighttime gatherings and adding a welcoming glow for both family and guests. Consider our Balmore Circle project, for example. We opted for Hudson Valley outdoor lighting and installed the same light fixture in a variety of different sizes throughout the home. Similarly, the outdoor lighting at Hedwig Village resembles fixtures in the home’s foyer.

At the same time, double check the condition of your home’s cooling system (ceiling fans, air conditioning units, HVAC system, etc.) or work with a professional to do so. Hot summer days are not the time to discover that a unit is broken or an HVAC filter is clogged. Consider installing a smart thermostat to monitor your system while saving on energy costs. Some smart systems will alert you when an air filter should be changed or cleaned, too.

Install Safety Features, Shades, and Seating Around the Pool

The pool (with guard rails) at Balmore and the pool at River Oaks Modern with Bauhaus architecture behind it.

Don’t forget to install essential safety features, adequate shading, and comfortable seating around your home’s swimming pool before summer hits. Consider safety enhancements like non-slip surfaces, pool covers, and adequate fencing to secure the area if children will visit. Adding umbrellas or pergolas will provide necessary shade to protect against the sun, while comfortable loungers or waterproof seating areas will offer relaxation spots for guests and family members to enjoy the poolside leisurely.

Audit Your Home’s Building Envelope for Air Leaks

The vaulted ceiling living room at Balmore and the exterior of Bauhaus-style River Oaks Modern.

Last but not least, invest in an energy audit. Before the heat of summer arrives, conduct an audit of your home’s building envelope to identify and seal any air leaks. This can significantly improve energy efficiency by keeping cool air inside and hot air out.

Check windows, doors, and any areas where different building materials meet for gaps or cracks. Proper sealing not only enhances comfort but also reduces costs by optimizing your home’s air conditioning usage.

Why Renovating During the Summer is Ideal

From the warmer weather to the comparable convenience, many homeowners choose to schedule their renovations during the hot summer months. After all, summer truly is the ideal time for homeowners to undertake renovations—especially if one plans to leave the main house for an extended vacation. This season offers optimal weather conditions: warm, dry days that are perfect for exterior projects like roofing, painting, landscaping, and construction of outdoor elements like loggias, covered porches, and gazebos.

With sunlight stretching far into the evening hours, contractors also have more time to work each day, which often speeds up the project timeline. Renovating while the owners are away reduces the stress and inconvenience of living in a construction zone. Plus, contractors and designers can work uninterrupted as they prepare your home for your return.

Home Remodeling Projects to Consider During the Summer

For exterior projects, consider replacing or repairing the roof, repainting the house, and enhancing the landscape with new plants, trees, or hardscaping features like patios and walkways. As Lisa Joyner writes in this article for House Beautiful, “Summer is an ideal season to get exterior paint jobs done, thanks to its reliably dry weather (most of the time).” She recommends scheduling your exterior paint job sometime “Between the months of April and October.”

Interior renovations—think kitchen and bathroom remodels, new flooring installations, air conditioner updates, and other energy efficiency upgrades—can be completed without disrupting your daily routine. These improvements not only enhance your home’s aesthetics and functionality but also prepare it for the seasons to come.

Ready to begin? Planning your project well in advance is absolutely essential. To get a jumpstart on your summer remodel, reach out to our team with details about your goals.

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