Designing kids playrooms is an absolute joy! Children are so invested in the spaces that are theirs, and they’re never afraid to play with bold colors and whimsical accessories. Maybe I’m just a kid at heart, but children make the perfect design clients.

Aside from their bedrooms, kids playrooms are the perfect place for fighting imaginary beasts, setting up forts, working on homework, and hanging out with friends. It’s a place that should inspire their creativity with a designated spot for both study and fun. A playroom should be playful in every way, but it also needs to be functional. When thinking about your kiddos’ playroom, consider how they’ll use the space now and in the future. If they love reading or playing video games, incorporate a cozy seating area with pieces that are easy to rearrange. If your kids love drawing, add a cork board accent wall for them to use to display their artwork.

A chic, but functional playroom is a space that seamlessly blends sleek storage with high-end essentials and lots of color. It should give your kids space to work and play no matter what age they are. And even though the space should be functional, remember it’s still a place for your kiddos. So don’t be afraid to have some fun with it! Here are a few of my ideas about how to design a stylish and and functional playroom that will grow with them as they grow.

1. Use Their Favorite Colors in Bold Accent Walls and Rugs

One of the most important aspects to consider when designing your kids playroom is color. You want to select colors and pieces that they love now, but will also love later on. Starting with a neutral palette is the key. When you ground a kids playroom in contrasting beiges and whites, colors become more versatile. Oranges mixed with bluespinks, and purples are a few of my go-to colors! These hues are known to help boost their imagination, stimulate their creative thinking abilities, and promote openness and focus. They’re perfect for creating a warm, energizing space your kids will love being in.

This kids playroom puts art and conversation at the center.

Go bold with colors and patterns, like this upstairs kids playroom.

Because these colors are so bold, you’ll need to pair them with neutral tones. Crisp white walls with warm wood floors provide a fabulous backdrop for these bright colors to really pop! And by using a neutral base, it makes the space much easier to update as they get older. Just as you can easily update and transform your living room with a seasonally-hued throw or decorative pillow, the same principal applies to spaces for your little ones. When it comes to patterns, stay within the same family. Looking at the playroom below, you’ll see that we chose stripes as our standout pattern. While you see stripes on the pillows, rugs and lamp (lots of places!), the room still feels polished because there is one unifying theme throughout. I recommend sticking to just 1 or 2 patterns, especially if you’re using a lot of color. The playroom should fit your kiddo’s needs, but still be sophisticated. A striped lamp, a vibrant rug, or a statement wallcovering add playful touches and keep the room feeling fresh and youthful.

Back to this striped playroom, we wanted to create a light-filled space with comfy seating and unique details. To do so, we painted the walls white, lightening the dark wood floors and reflecting the natural light coming in through the windows. Always honor the natural surroundings of your space, whether that’s sunlight or a great view. The bold area rug pulls together the colorful side table (which disassembles into fun trays!), the artwork on the wall, and the accent pillows on the sofa. This chic playroom is anything but boring!

Chic kids playrooms are bright, colorful, and often have tents like this one.

If using many p

2. Add Sleek, Grown-Up Storage Solutions

Whether your kids are doing arts and crafts, homework, or simply hanging out with friends, having a place to put everything is essential. Built-ins, shelves, drawers, and cabinets are a great way to keep things organized and out of the way. But I also love something a little more unexpected like these personalized, locker inspired cabinets.

They’re the perfect place for your children to store their backpacks, sports equipment or art supplies. These unique cabinets are easy to clean and will make your kids excited about cleaning up. I find that anytime you can bring a touch of adulthood to kids, like these high school-themed lockers, they instantly fall in love. Plus, you can rest assured they won’t outgrow them. The bench gives them a designated spot to put on their shoes and prep for the day, so there’s an added functionality to this small space that makes good habits easy to adopt. These cabinets are fabulous for keeping your kids clutter under control.

These fun lockers are a great way to store fun kids playroom toys, books, and clothing.

Designing kids playrooms in the bedroom is easy with lofts and plenty of shelving.

3. Create Additional Space with a Loft

As a mom to twin girls, I know how important space is. (Trust me, I know. I always need two of everything!) But having a playroom full of furniture can mean less space for them to play. The great news is that by getting a little creative, you can give them lots of space in their bedrooms, while still keeping everything organized. Start with clever stowaway places to maintain cleanliness, organization, and flow. Storage drawers can be added under the bed or you can build shelves and cabinets into the bed or wall. This is a fabulous way to add more space without adding extra furniture.

But my go-to space creator is to add a bunk bed or loft. This is a great way to strategically use the space you already have, especially if you have twins or children similar in age. Use the space underneath the bunk bed to create a lounge area or a study spot. Your children will love having things out of the way so they have more room to play. Lofts allow children to imagine their rooms are all-purpose studios. It’s a glimpse of that adult future some kids equate with responsibility and independence. It also gives them the opportunity to take ownership and have pride in their belongings.

4. Use High-Performance Fabrics

When it comes to designing a chic kids playroom, the type of fabric you use is important. Investing in fabulous fabrics that can stand up to the everyday use of active boys and girls is a must. One of the best fabrics you can use is a high-performance fabric. Using this fabric was a must for me when I was designing the playroom for my girls.


How to design a kids playroom in the bedroom? Lofted spaces are key.

Start with neutrals and build in color, like this beach bedroom.

Modular seating in this chic kids playroom is great for kids and grown ups


What I love about high-performance fabrics is that you don’t have to sacrifice style for function. These unique fabrics protect your furniture from being damaged by paint, crayons, and spills. You can use this type of fabric on everything from sofas to chairs, footstools and even drapery! They create soft, luxe pieces that you and your kids will love. If you have toddlers or infants, wrapping hard corners with padded high-performance fabrics is a great way to baby-proof in style.

When you’re designing kids’ playrooms, function, storage, high-end essentials, and color are a few of the key elements to consider. Remember to incorporate functional pieces they can use, while relaxing and studying. Make it easy for them keep their things organized and clean so they have space to play. Select fabrics and furnishings that can withstand everyday use. And most importantly, make sure the playroom is fun, relaxing and reflects their personality. Don’t be afraid to keep the accessories and toys bright and colorful. You want them to enjoying their playrooms, so it’s important they have a say in what goes into one!