The Boulevard Show House: Ask the Experts with Monogram Appliances

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When it comes to remodeling projects, its a process and takes some time for them to really take off. There are tons of different pieces that you have to get started, but then all of a sudden…wow! Things start coming together and it feels like the project has shifted into hyperspeed. There has been a lot going on since our last update and now we’re really starting to get into the fun stuff!

Appliances are an important part of some of the most used rooms in the house like the kitchen and utility room. But gone are the days where you had to settle for appliances that weren’t exactly pleasing to the eye or really all that functional. With today’s technological advances like wifi connections, appliances are becoming more helpful than ever before and one of the leaders in this industry is Monogram Appliances. Monogram, the luxury brand within GE Appliances, is my fave appliance brand and my product of choice for my own home. They are also a Partner for the Boulevard Show House. Today we are chatting with one of my favorite people on the planet: Alexandra Skobel of Monogram Appliances. This informative edition of “Ask the Experts,” gives you the scoop on everything you need to know about appliances and what will be going into our newly renovated, Monogram kitchen (yay)!

Modern Updates

Laura Umanskys kitchen in Boulevard Oaks, featuring Monogram Appliances

A peek into Laura’s kitchen, complete with Monogram Appliances

LU: Tell us about your role in The Boulevard Show House project and what Monogram Appliances is working on specifically?

MA: Monogram Appliances will be providing the kitchen and utility room appliances for The Boulevard Show House. Our role is to supply sophisticated and high-performing appliances to Laura’s home. Their kitchen is extremely outdated, so I’m happy to know all of those original 1970s pieces have been removed. We’ve begun the process of selecting and incorporating some gorgeous, high-tech pieces within this space. I’m really excited to see these appliances go in. Some pieces, such as the Advantium Speed-Oven, which I think every kitchen should have because of its convection, microwave and warming capabilities! Monogram Appliances specializes in award-winning technology, which will allow for Laura and Michael to cook, clean and produce their meals faster while enjoying a sleek and polished design. This is perfect for their busy schedules and young twin girls.

LU: What will you be installing in the Boulevard Show House? What rooms will you be working on?

MA: Our focus, right now, is the kitchen and have worked with Laura to narrow and make selections that will work best with the style and layout of her home. We will be providing some really cool appliances, such as an all gas PRO range 36”, 36” hood, fully integrated 30” column refrigeration and 24” column freezer. As well as a fully integrated custom paneled dishwasher, the advantium speedoven – which I am so excited about! This oven is four-in-one and has award-winning speedoven technology that will allow for several cooking modes. Including a speed-cook, convection, microwave, and warming capabilities! It’s a professional, large-scale design as well. The kitchen will also have a  24” custom paneled refrigeration drawers, a 24” under the counter beverage center and a 24″ wine reserve. It’s going to be an amazing transformation!

LU: How did you get involved in this project? 

MA: Monogram Appliances got the opportunity to connect with Laura U at the Bloggers Conference in early 2017 and we knew from that moment on, if there was an opportunity for us to partner – we were on board! We’ve loved getting to know Laura and her work. This partnership is perfect, for Laura U and Monogram share very similar design philosophies of creating products that are timeless, functional and sophisticated. So for us to partner on her own home, is really exciting for us.

LU: Can you introduce us to the team members involved in this project and explain what their roles are? MA: Sure! The team working on this project consists of Megan Hulsman and I. Megan is the Social Media Content Manager who manages all the copy and content for Monogram Appliances’ social media. Then, I have been the main source of contact between Monogram Appliances and Laura. I work as the Designer Engagement Leader within the Central Region of our company and manage the in’s and out’s of the partnership between Laura U and Monogram Appliances.

Laura Umansky using Monogram Appliances to prep for her holiday party

My butler”s pantry, with custom cabinets from Bentwood, has a Monogram wine storage unit

LU: What needs to happen first in order for you to install appliances in our home?

MA: The first thing that needs to happen when installing our luxury appliances is to brainstorm what products, and their functions will work best for your needs. This involves asking the client questions about their lifestyle, wants and figuring out which appliances will work best for their schedules. Then, we work with you to provide the specification sheets and dimensions of each product to make sure there is enough space within the desired room. Our partnership with Laura and Michael was handled in a similar way. We spoke with them about what they wanted for their kitchen. They have a busy work schedule and young twin girls so it was important to find pieces that were functional and convenient, yet sleek and sophisticated. From there, we supplied them with the specification sheets and verified that these appliances were laid out properly within the floorplan. We also made sure that the correct electricity, plumbing, and venting had been set up.

LU: What is the process for picking the right appliances for a room, such as a kitchen or utility room?

MA: The process for selecting the right appliances for your home is all about asking the right questions. We want to get to know you and your lifestyle, so we ask numerous questions to find out how many people live in your home, if you like to cook, whether you prefer gas or electric, etc. The more questions the better! We don’t want to miss anything and it’s important that the appliances we select are perfectly tailored to your needs.

LU: What has the process been like for Monogram Appliances and Laura U?

MA: This process has been so easy! Laura and Michael have been a breeze to work with, from the initial brainstorming, to making selections and all the details in between, it’s been pretty seamless so far and a ton of fun. We are also enjoying getting the opportunity to work closely with the Laura U Team, they are all so talented and our shared love for classic and sophisticated designs has meshed perfectly. We think so highly of them.

LU: Tell us about Monogram Appliances. What do you specialize in?

MA: Monogram Appliances specializes in creating premium appliances that have sophisticated styling and exceptional craftsmanship. These factors really set Monogram Appliances apart from all other premium appliance brands. We pride ourselves on designing beautiful appliances that are sleek and modern while remaining timeless. We want our pieces to standout and elevate the design of your kitchen. And the beauty of our appliances can be seen in every fine, hand-finished detail!  Plus, our award-winning technology makes cooking faster, clean up a lot easier and gives you more time to enjoy relaxing with your family and friends… there’s nothing better than that!

A shot of the kitchen at Laura's Boulevard Oaks home, with Monogram fridge

LU: How can people get in contact Monogram Appliances?

MA: The best way to get in contact with Monogram Appliances is to visit our website! There you can find a showroom that is nearest to you, and either give them a call or visit to actually see our products in person and talk with a representative in real time. They would love to hear from you! Or if you are trade professional, you can check out our To The Trade site, to email or speak with one of our regional Designer Engagement Leaders and learn more information about selecting and installing our premium products.

LU: Do you have any advice for people wanting to install high-performance appliances in their home?

MA: Yes! My best advice would be to do your research on the different products and options in technology and performance that are available to you. You need to know what you are looking for and be able to narrow the options down to the best and most affordable for you. Also, I suggest working with an expert designer and/or architect if you can. You’re spending a lot of money on your appliances, they are an important investment to your home that you will be using daily, so its worth it to have them installed correctly.

LU: Is there anything you would like to add about working on this project?

MA: Of course! Monogram Appliances is so happy to be apart of the Boulevard Show House! We love the partnership that this project has created for us and the Laura U Team, and are looking forward to continuing to work together for many years to come. We can’t wait to see it all come together!

Thanks for the fabulous intel, Alex! We are so happy to have you on board the Boulevard Show House Team. Monogram Appliances is at the top in the industry with their luxurious and sophisticated appliances and I count myself SUPER lucky to have them in my own kitchen. They’ve found the perfect balance between exceptional craftsmanship, performance, and high-tech appliances. Plus they are just gorgeous which is clearly important to an interior designer. Turns out that Monogram’s own Chef will be teaching me how to use my new kitchen to its full potential. I guess I will learn how to cook now (eek!)! Check out The Boulevard Show House website and Facebook to stay up-to-date on all our progress updates and exciting announcements. The renovation is really kicking up, and we’ve got some big things planned…stay tuned!

Laura Umansky at home with Monogram Appliances - Advantium Oven

From weeknight meals to holiday sides, the Advantium oven makes meal prep so simple