The Boulevard Show House: Ask the Experts with Symbio Lighting & Control

Interior Design

There has been so much happening at The Boulevard Show House (read all about the big announcement here) that sometimes I have 20 things going on at the same time. We’ve been making so much progress that I couldn’t wait to share another update with you! The new walls and floors are on their way to being installed and, before they do, we’re finalizing the next phase of the renovation: home technology!

Taking our 1925 home to the 21st Century!

Today, technology for the home is so much more than speakers and security. It’s what allows you to control and customize all aspects of your lighting and entertainment systems from anywhere in your home and on the go. Gone are the days of the in-wall intercom system (there actually was one when we bought the house!). In today’s edition of “Ask the Experts”, we’re speaking with TJ Morgan, Senior Sales Manager at Symbio Lighting + Control, about Symbio’s role in The Boulevard Show House

LU: Tell us about your role in the Boulevard Show House project and what Symbio is working on specifically?

SL: Symbio will be providing all of the technology for The Boulevard Show House including lighting control, motorized shades, security, surveillance, networking, automation and of course, audio and video.

LU: What will you be installing in The Boulevard Show House?

SL: We are really excited to be installing the latest in home automation systems from Savant, lighting and shading control from Lutron, invisible speakers from Stealth Acoustics and full integration with Alexa. We have also begun planning a really cool projection system for the Great Room with a Zero Edge screen from Screen Innovations and Sony’s latest 4k projector.

LU: How did you get involved in this project?

SL: Laura and I have worked together for nearly 10 years so when she approached me with the opportunity, we immediately jumped on board.

LU: Can you introduce us to the team members involved in this project and explain what their roles are?

SL: Our team consists of David Toups, who is the Project Manager for this project and has a ton of experience with remodels. Yamin Chowdhury is our Senior Technology Specialist and will handle the majority of the programming and integration. Ben Hildreth is Symbio’s founder and will be managing the Lutron lighting and shading systems design and programming.

LU: What needs to happen first in our home renovation?

SL: The first step is usually a client interview and walkthrough of the home. From there, we were able to get a good understanding of how the technology should be integrated to begin working on the system design.

LU: Have there been any challenges so far?

SL: There are ALWAYS challenges with remodels, especially with a historical property. Since we are just now beginning the low voltage prewire phase, we haven’t really run into many obstacles but stay tuned…

LU: Will it be difficult to install such high performing entertainment equipment in a historic home?

SL: Space is almost always a concern when working in a historic home. Fortunately, we were able to claim a small closet on the 2nd floor to house the majority of the equipment needed. Another consideration is keeping everything as hidden as possible, especially in the common areas. We have designed the lighting control system from Lutron with this in mind. Large banks of light switches have been replaced with simple, easy to use keypads. We are also installing invisible speakers from Stealth Acoustics in the ceilings of the main floor for an ultra clean look. We will touch on these speakers more in the coming months as the home starts coming together.

LU: Tell us about Symbio Lighting + Control? What do you specialize in?

SL: Symbio is the home technology provider for today’s sophisticated, luxury homeowner. Symbio’s clients enjoy state-of-the-art technology, including private theaters, automation systems, networking, security, surveillance, audio, video and environmental solutions that integrate elegantly or disappear entirely within the home’s design. Our clients love us because of our focus on ease of use, reliability, on-time delivery and 24/7 service.

LU: How can people get in contact with Symbio?

SL: Visit us at or just give us a call at 713.780.4601.

LU: Do you have any advice for people wanting to install high-performance lighting, audio, video, security and home entertainment technologies in their home?

SL: The best advice I can give is to begin planning and budgeting as early as possible. Most architects and builders do not provide accurate budget numbers for whole home technology because there are just so many variables. Consult with a technology professional early in the process to help with budgeting, space planning for equipment racks, electrical, lighting control, motorized shades, drapery pockets, etc.

LU: Is there anything you would like to add about working on this project?

SL: We are really excited to see this project come together! Having worked with the Laura U team for 10 years, we expect that the end result will be nothing short of stunning!

Thanks TJ for sharing your insight with us! We love working with Symbio and finding out about all of the newest and best in Audio, Video Technology. The Laura U Team relies on partners like Symbio to lend their expertise to our client’s projects. We couldn’t create the fabulous homes that we do without them! For more information about The Boulevard Show House, be sure to check out our website and keep an eye out for more progress and updates on our Instagram and Facebook. There’s plenty of exciting news to come! Until next time, XO | LU