How to select the perfect drapery fabric

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It is no secret that I am a big fan of drapery! Functionality and luxury are two words that come to mind when I think about window coverings of any kind. Though the main purposes of drapery are to provide privacy from your home and to protect your furnishings from the sun, they are also a way to enhance the overall space both visually and acoustically. Use your drapery to bring in a fun print or trim, enhance your interior with a vibrant color or provide a simple, or create a soft, neutral backdrop for your interior.

The most important thing to remember is that drapery shouldn’t be an afterthought. Your window dressings should complement and enhance the overall design. Every drapery selection we make is well thought out and intentional. Today I’m breaking down how to select the perfect drapery fabric for any interior!

Add a Decorative Trim!

A handsome wool or silk makes a gorgeous drapery in a neutral color. If you want to add richness to your space, trim is a fabulous detail for drapery. It can tie a room together by pulling out certain colors that you would like to highlight or colors that are key to the design of your room. You can use it to add texture, pattern or color…the options are endless!

How to select the perfect drapery fabric

This feminine music studio is full of vivid color and natural light. The fuschia and coral hues of the accent chair and bold rug are carried through the room with the pretty botanical Kravet trim (which is actually a fabric that we applied as a leading edge trim). It ties together this deep color palette by bringing these bold colors up to the neutral taupe walls. Pairing it with crisp white lets the colors stand out, but keeps it from being overbearing.

How to select the perfect drapery fabric

A light, airy color palette, and natural elements were the inspiration for this Earthy-yet-Glam home. We paired textured navy Tonga Tape trim from F.Shumacher with neutral, earthy tones to bring a touch of color to the space. The navy trim with the wooden beads added detail to the white drapery and made it stand out against the white walls. Our clients loved how there was so much visual interest in the space without using a ton of color!

Sheers & Prints

We love the idea of incorporating small details in your drapery. The softer print allows the drapery to play a supporting role in the design without having to be the star. It adds an element of surprise as you take a step closer into the room and definitely elevates the design by adding textures and prints to the space.

How to select the perfect drapery fabric

Small prints are a fun way to mix your personality into a space in a subdued way. This drapery has a constellation-like print that pulls in the blue hues from the water-way painting. It’s subtle but elevates the natural color palette used in the room.

How to select the perfect drapery fabric

With a more whimsical design, go with a delicate sheer drapery. You want something serene that complements the colors of the space, but not something that’s matchy-matchy. The subtle infinity pattern enhances the soft green wall. It adds interest and carries the artful theme of the space without overwhelming the room.


Of course, you can also use drapery to make a statement. A statement drapery gives the space the extra element it needs to push it over the top. This kind of drapery works best when you have a neutral or monochromatic color palette. Vivid colors and metallic prints are fantastic for this and add lots of personality!

How to select the perfect drapery fabric

This Moroccan-inspired office uses natural tones and lots of wood. We wanted to incorporate our client’s love of color with some show-stopping drapes. And this stunning coral and fuschia Kravet drapery with metallic embroidery does just the trick! It stands out and is the statement piece of the office.

How to select the perfect drapery fabric

For this dining room, we wanted max-drama. This emerald green drapery pops against the darker walls and is all about luxury. It’s definitely the statement piece of the room. Just remember when you’re selecting a bold color to pick a fabric that you love and that reflects your personality. It’s a commitment, but totally worth the risk!

Simplicity Please.

When you’re designing with a neutral color palette, you can also use the drapery as a beautiful background for your art and furnishings. Simplicity is key here so be sure to select drapery fabric that will mesh well with this. You want to let your furnishings do the talking.

How to select the perfect drapery fabric

The creme drapery we used in this room makes the space feel so light and airy. It keeps the natural theme of the room without taking away from the art and furnishings. Plus the gorgeous sheen of the drapery adds depth to the room and finishes off the space beautifully.

How to select the perfect drapery fabric

This bath is all about letting in the natural light! So when selecting a drapery for a space like this, it’s best to go sheer and simple. The natural color palette is so calming and this light-creme drapery gives you all the privacy you need without blocking out any of the natural light.

There is so much you can do with drapery in a room! You can use it to create drama, add a pop of color or a bit of pattern. It can also be the perfect background for showing off your art collection and furnishings. So no matter what look you want the space to have, we hope this post has inspired you to use your drapery in a new and exciting way to show off your personality.

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