My favorite ways to accessorize tabletops


When it comes to curating a space, everything from the furniture to the rugs to the accessories on your table is carefully selected and incorporated into the design. Accessories tend to get overlooked or treated as an afterthought in the design, but for me, they’re one of the most important elements in the space. Each piece has a place, a purpose and tells part of the room’s story.

Whether it’s books, vases or trays, you can tie these pieces into the design in a thoughtful way to personalize the space. Today, I’m dishing up a few ways to display, organize, and showcase all your beloved tabletop accessories.

Stacks of books and florals

Create Groupings

Smaller items when grouped together create a memorable, eye-catching display and give the feeling of one large accessory. Picture frames, books, vases and items collected on your travels can be layered beautifully together. A geometric star and a paperweight are perfect for a fun playful tray, a tabletop or bookshelves. I also really love this white coral and these marble ginger jars.

Gold geometric star and acrylic tray accessories by Laura U Interior Design

Consider the Space

The scale and proportion of a space are also helpful in determining what type of accessories to use. Pieces like florals, sculptures or lamps are eye-catching and help anchor the space. These two green lamps anchor all the little pieces in the middle to create one cohesive tabletop display.

Living room tabletop accessories

Mix it Up

When it comes to tabletop accessories, it’s important to think about color, height, and texture. I like to mix pieces of various scale because it looks more balanced. A painting can be used to tie lots of colors together in a space or be used to add a bold pop to a neutral toned room. Adding in textured elements like wood and stone bring an earthy and warm feeling to the space. Incorporating different pieces gives depth and dimension.

Cobalt blue tufted chair with florals on martini table by Laura U Interior Design


Books are one of my go-to tabletop accessories. Whether it’s an interior design book, a book about houses and gardens or an art book, there’s so much personality in books. It also clues your guests into your interests, passions and provides topics of conversation.

Gold and clear acrylic coffee tables with stacks of books by Laura U Interior Design

When it comes to tabletop accessories, they’re just as important as the furniture in the room. These pieces add depth, dimension and visual interest to the space. But more importantly, they tell your story, so they should be personal and meaningful.

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