Iconic, Playful, and Rare: Discover the Art at Viscaino

Interior Design

With a panoramic view of the California coastline, this Pebble Beach estate greets you with elegance and ease. This is the 6th home that we’ve designed for this fun family of five. While the residence had undergone a major renovation prior to our work, the home needed a modern update. We brightened the walls, restored original woodwork, added much-needed storage, and elevated each room with their art collection. Art selection for the home is a key piece of Viscaino’s design.

The homeowners have a playfully sophisticated aesthetic, preferring bold, saturated hues intentionally contrasted with bright white. Their impressive art collection is the star of this home. But this is no museum. Every room is meant to be lived in, all while enjoying every piece. Soaking in the colors, the nature outside, and still having the room to flow comfortably is at the heart of this design.


No room is complete without a piece of art. Of course, art can take many forms. From sculpture to antiques, from paintings to photographs, from heirlooms to vintage furniture, and everything in between. Today, we are focusing on the artwork at Viscaino. Many of the pieces may look familiar, as they are also the homeowners of our 18 Astoria project.

A collage of artwork featured in the Pebble Beach home Viscaino, designed by Laura U


Art Selection for the Home

While it sounds very cliché, you must find art that speaks to you. And don’t become overwhelmed with selecting the right piece. It takes time to cultivate a collection that endures. That seemingly perfect work is out there and finding it is part of the process. Visit local art galleries (our favorites are Laura Rathe and Dimmitt Contemporary), search for artists on social media, and chat with friends. Make the art you buy memorable by coordinating your purchase with a special event, like an anniversary. This is how Laura selects pieces for her home.

Now, what to do with that beautiful piece? Consider the spaces in your home that naturally attract the eye. Think of the corners that need some balance and movement. Find that “moment” in a room where a story can be told with accessories, books, art, and whatever you choose to collect. These vignettes become the most precious spots of our homes.

Our Favorite Pieces at Viscaino

For this home, the owners appreciate rich color. From the entryway, one can peer through to the hall and discover this vibrant piece from Ken Tate (first in the list above). With his sexy subject matter, the spattering of color electrifies. And this burst of colorful fun introduces you to the personalities of the homeowners without saying a word.

An artwork from Damien Hirst hangs in a modern family room, designed by Laura U.

One of Damien Hirst’s well-known dot paintings hangs in the family room at Viscaino.

The formal living room at Viscaino with artwork from Karen Hawkins and Donald Martiny

The formal living room hosts a totem from Karen Hawkins and a dynamic piece by Donald Martiny.

A neutral toned dining room in a Pebble Beach home, designed by Laura U

A tonal palette finds still life fun in this Roy Lichtenstein.


Art selection for the home is a wonderful journey through the clients’ existing collection and the unknown. The discovery process is rewarding. We work as art advisors for our projects and that includes this one. Having worked with this client several times in the past, we have been collecting alongside them for nearly a decade.

But our process for art selection always begins with an understanding of the clients as individuals. We ask their favorite songs, their favorite books, and their favorite travel destinations to create a profile. We consider their favorite artists. We present new ones. We think about the spots in the home where art can make an impact. We are always sourcing. Because our furnishings selection process can take up to six months, throughout that tie we are always thinking about the art.

Even after the home has been completed, that perfect piece might be found in a Paris market or a new contemporary gallery. Always keep your eyes and hearts open to new work. And with that said, keep an eye out for our next Viscaino reveal, our favorite: the before and after!