5 architectural details that bring life to a room


The design process starts by determining the big picture – the overall feel of the space, the theme of the room’s story. Then you start selecting the larger items like drapery, lighting fixtures, and furniture before finalizing the smaller pieces like decorative pillows and artwork. All those things together create the ambiance, but it’s the details that really bring the room to life.

Marble black and white floors with Andy Warhol books - Laura U Interior Design

When it comes to the details, there’s nothing too small to be ignored. From books to pictures frames, from patterns to the materials selected, these are the things that catch your eye and create that “wow” factor in a space. So today I wanted to share 5 architectural details I absolutely love incorporating into a room.

Plaster Mouldings

For those avid Laura U readers, you probably already know we have a love affair with crown moulding! By combining different shapes, playing with proportions, and considering the overall composition and lighting, plaster moldings are a fabulous way to create visual interest on a ceiling. Understated and finely crafted mouldings like crown and cove moldings, bring a bit of drama to the space and act as a visual surprise when guests look up. But because of the intricate detail work, they’re very expensive which is why they aren’t often used.

Marble Fireplace Surrounds

When it comes to creating a focal point in the room, a fireplace is one of my go-to options. Adding a bit of marble detailing around the outside makes a big statement and also provides a beautiful backdrop in the room. It’s a classic, timeless and elegant way to showcase your fireplace.

Formal dining room with marble fireplace surround - Laura U Interior Design

Herringbone Hardwood Floors

Floors can oftentimes be a forgotten space, but they’re actually the perfect area for an unexpected design element. I love using herringbone hardwood floors because the pattern is subtle enough not to be overbearing but still visually interesting. These patterned floors, especially when done by the experts at Schneck and Company, are perfect for a study or a dining room.

Black and white marble flooring with large golden horse - Laura U Interior Design

Marble Floors

Marble definitely brings a luxe, slightly European flair to a space. You can use two opposing colors for a beautiful visual pop or more complementary colors for a more subtle vibe. These floors are often very intricate and handmade, which makes them more expensive. But for a space like a foyer or powder room, they can be the perfect type of flooring.

Paneled Libraries

One of the most traditional designs of a library is to use wall panels. I love how rich the paneling makes the space feel. They give it a very finished feel, whether it’s painted or stained. The decorative finish on the wood paneling in this two-story library is gorgeous! It feels very fresh and modern while adding a bit of warmth to make it feel more intimate.

Grand paneled library with gold chandeliers - Laura U Interior Design

When it comes to designing a space, each piece has a part to play. It’s important to take the time to consider how each element will mesh together in order to bring to the room to life. The furniture, fixtures, and floors act as the foundation for your design and provide the structure. The architectural details add personality and of course, those unique finishing touches.

So whether you decide to add detail to your ceiling or create a patterned floor, I hope that today’s post provided inspiration for your design.

You can also find more of my favorite architectural details on Pinterest.