Wall Wednesday: Themes at Santa Fe

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The Santa Fe home on Camino Haciendas is a testament to the culture, landscape, and history of Santa Fe. Every detail of this home was thoughtfully considered, down to the name of certain paint colors! Today, let’s take a look at the art and memorable wall coverings of our client’s home.

The Lobo Room

The Lobo Room, one of the home’s guest bedrooms, is very symbolic. Our client is an alum of the University of New Mexico and their mascot is a gray wolf known as “El Lobo”. This particular breed of wolf is native to the Santa Fe area and is deeply ingrained in the culture there. The guest bedroom pays homage to this culturally important animal, as well as our client’s alma mater.

The room’s color palette is inspired by the lobo’s distinct gray and white fur. Touches of red elevate these neutral colors, reflecting the setting sun and our client’s time in college. A bold Fabricut wallcovering evokes memories of the traditional Native American drawings of wolves. The combination creates a beautiful focal point in this guest bedroom.

Santa Fe guest bedroom home design featuring El Lobo inspired wallcoverings

Accents of red add energy and warmth to this cool gray and white guest bedroom

Rhythm Reborn art installion in Camino Haciendas Santa Fe home

I love that the colors in the Rhythm Reborn piece mirror the color palette of this bold painting

Phillips Collection - Rhythm Reborn art installation in Camino Haciendas home by Laura U

The colorful nature and story behind the Rhythm Reborn pieces from Phillips Collection instantly caught our eye

Phillips Collection Rhythm Reborn

Whether it’s a personal connection to the artist or the story behind the piece, art brings life and personality to a room. During a recent trip to High Point Market, we had the opportunity to view an exhibit created by The Enrichment Center of Winston-Salem. The Enrichment Center assists adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities with self efficacy training, job applications, and understanding their power as individuals. Twice a year, the center provides materials for them to interpret through their own lenses. Phillips Collection partners with The Center to support the art effort and sell the pieces through their showroom.

We selected the Rhythm Reborn piece for our client’s home because of its background and colorful nature! The collection is a study of African patterns in textiles and culture using reclaimed oil drums as the canvas. After seeing these inspiring artistic circles, we knew they would be the perfect piece for our client’s Santa Fe home.

Guest bedroom designed by Laura U inspired by the colors of a New Mexican sunset

This guest room brings the gorgeous view outside – in!

Bright yellow accent wall in Santa Fe inspired Camino Haciendas house

Named after the native Brittlebrush plant, this paint perfectly represents the Santa Fe landscape

The Sunset Room

The Sunset Room, featured in Apartment Therapy, is another of the home’s guest bedrooms. It was perked up with this sunny shade called Brittlebrush. There are so many reasons why we selected the bright Sherwin Williams SW-6684 shade for this room. First, brittlebush plants grow wild in the American southwest. The landscape and culture of Santa Fe is essential to the interior design of the home. Incorporating a paint color named after a native plant was intentional and brought provenance to the interior.

We also selected the color because of the psychology behind it. Yellow is said to symbolize optimism and bring joy. We wanted to bring in a vibrant, cheerful color into the design without overwhelming the room. Imitating a rising sun in an equally sunny shade accomplished just that.

When working with bright hues, less is more. We recommend painting only portions of a room for maximum effect. Mimicking a wainscoting height is a great option and prevents color overload.

Camino Haciendas Santa Fe Final Reveal

The story of how we designed this Camino Haciendas home is coming to a close. After diving into our design inspiration, detailing how we sourced the pieces, and unveiling the home’s beautiful wallcoverings, it’s time for the full reveal. The result truly embodies the history, culture, and landscape of Santa Fe while honoring our client’s connection to this picturesque city.