Unique lighting fixtures for any style


Art and accessories are great ways to share your story throughout your home. But have you ever thought about using lighting? There are so many cool and unique lighting fixtures that you can use to tell your story and elevate the furnishing design. So whether you love traditional, large-scale or contemporary style lighting, there’s definitely a statement light for you.

The lighting selection process is always so fun for us. When we’re selecting pieces for our clients, we look for unique designs that can work with many styles. So today we are sharing a few of our favorite lighting fixture styles and dishing on how you can incorporate them into your designs.


Silver is one of those classic colors that are perfect for creating a simple and crisp design. When used on a traditional style lantern, the silver finish creates sleek lines and gives the fixture a modern edge. This chandelier, reminiscent of the mid-century style, is classic and timeless thanks to the simple design and silver finish.

Unique lighting fixtures for any style

Lanterns from Circa Lighting

Chandelier via Arteriors

Mid-Century Inspired

Graduating globe shapes and bold finishes are very mid-century. The curvy design of the chandelier plays well with the structure of the sectional and the lounge chair. And the brass finish really pops against the white walls! It’s unique in shape and is a standout piece in the room.

Unique lighting fixtures for any style

Rio Chandelier from Jonathan Adler


Though the color palette of the room is very natural, this geometric chandelier is bold and eye-catching. It fits the neutral color palette beautifully and makes the space feel very cozy. The shape is very elegant, but the copper finish gives the fixture a more relaxed feel. This sleek and delicate fixture looks stunning over this dining table!

Unique lighting fixtures for any style

Chandelier via Lacoli and McAllister


Some spaces are just meant for certain types of lighting. And this modern highrise called for modern lighting. Though the chandelier has a more traditional chrome finish, the design is very whimsical and modern. The gold floor lamps paired with the lounge chairs are edgy and unique. Each fixture matches the sleek design of the home and compliments the overall color palette.

Unique lighting fixtures for any style

Chandelier from Metropolitan Lighting

Floor lamp from Kelly Wearstler

Large Scale

And when you’re looking to make a bold statement, go with an oversized chandelier! It’s the perfect fixture for an entry space and the size makes it a unique piece. We love the whimsical style of this chandelier and love that the design has a bit of mid-century influence.

Unique lighting fixtures for any style

Chandelier from Arein

Mixing metals, taking a classic design and giving it a modern finish or using it as a statement piece is just a few ways you can use lighting to bring your style to a space. Just remember when you’re selecting a lighting fixture to always make sure it’s something you love and that it shows off your personality!

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