Transformation Tuesday: High Rise Personality in The River Oaks

Interior Design

Last time, we introduced you to this luxury high rise interior design project in The River Oaks condominium building (recently featured in Luxe!). After presenting a bold design presentation to our client, our team was given the green light to transform the interior with color and pattern. 

Since this luxury high rise interior design was a furnishings only project, we got to work on the fun stuff right away. While we love new construction homes and renovations, a build out can take time, leaving us eagerly anticipating the moment we get to make our mark. The home’s character exists in the details, but its energy is in the decor!

Custom Luxe High Rise Interior Design

This colorful space is one-of-a-kind. The client’s only request was that every color we chose had to have a “friend”. You won’t find a singular use of color in the entire home. Every pattern and each hue has a partner. However, the transformation of this luxury high rise condo began before a single piece of furniture was brought into the space. Here’s how it all started…

Luxury high rise interior design with white accent table and colorful floral arrangement

A touch of blue and pop of yellow is the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside

Dream Interior Design Team

No matter what kind of luxury interior design project we take on, we have a dream team of designers on board. Here are the creative minds behind this luxury high rise interior design project.

  • Laura: Our Creative Director who oversees every design
  • Leticia: Our Principal Designer who guides each project
  • Blair and Lexie: Our Senior and Lead Designers who manage the conceptualization, sourcing, and installation

There’s something to be said about designing outside of your comfort zone. You never know what extraordinary things you’ll discover that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. That’s exactly what happened in this luxury high rise interior design project – just wait until you see the wallpaper selections!

In her own words, Blair is a “minimal traditionalist”. The mark of a great designer though, is having the ability to create an interior that reflects the client. We can safely say Blair is an excellent designer and does just that! There is nothing “minimal” about this space.

Lexie has a flair for eccentric design and a keen eye for fine art. We brought some fabulous art pieces into this high rise home, including a piece created by the homeowner’s son. It looks as if it were made for the guest room! Lexie’s understanding of the transformative power of texture, color, and pattern is the perfect complement to Blair’s mastery of composition.

A unique art piece in the River Oaks condo

A detail of a suspended piece, created by the homeowners’ son.

The upholstery detail of dining chairs at the River Oaks condos

Upholstery detail of the dining room chairs at The River Oaks.

A close up of a cocktail table and a multi-colored chair

A sneak peek at the remarkable upholstery of this statement slipper chair.

Luxury High Rise Interior Design Process

Rottet Studio, known for its innovative portfolio, re-imagined the interior architecture of The River Oaks.  Originally built in the 1960s by architect Cameron Fairchild, the building was once home to a trendy set of mid-century renters. The building has since been converted to condominiums, each one with high-end finishes and spectacular views.  


The existing kitchen finishes were fabulous. A classic Calacatta marble on the island and backsplash were paired with White Zeus Extreme Silestone counters. Dramatic veining in the marble ties in the polished chrome faucet and cabinet hardware. This interplay of textures creates a sleek yet inviting kitchen, perfect for this luxurious high rise pied-à-terre. High-gloss Polar White cabinets give the room a cool sheen, while the elm brown wood cabinets from Poggenpohl add warmth to the design.

Modern kitchen faucet in luxury high rise condo kitchen

A polished chrome faucet is a must have for any kitchen

Luxury high rise interior design featuring custom media cabinet designed by Laura U

You would never guess that an awkward shaped ceiling was disguised behind this fabulous custom wood media cabinet

Shelton Builders fabricated custom cabinets for the laundry room in this luxury River Oaks high rise. Built to fit the wall, the cabinets maximize the available storage space and give our client plenty of room to keep things organized. The cabinets are painted in Sherwin William’s Really Teal to match the ceiling and are finished with brass and leather hardware pulls.

Sneak Peek

Originally, the living room and dining room was one open space. We split this room into two areas to create a TV-watching lounge space and conversation area. In order to create these new spaces, we needed to remove a wall, which left an awkward shaped ceiling. To disguise the ceiling, the team designed a custom-built wood slat “media cabinet”.

The horizontal slats stained to match the floor draw your eye upwards and add a beautiful architectural element to the room. A streamlined, floating style media cabinet anchors the TV on the wall, while providing generous storage for media equipment. The matte lacquer blue cabinets and emerald stained wood do a beautiful job of carrying the bold color palette through the interior design.

Colorful art work in luxury high rise interior design project by Laura U Interior Design

Chic coffee table books + a relaxing candle = the perfect match for a beautiful piece of art

Up Next…

It’s all about the art and architecture of this luxurious high rise condo. Discover how we incorporated our client’s stunning art collection into the design and get a sneak peek of some of our favorite art pieces. I can’t wait to share more details about the transformation of this condo with you!