Transformation Tuesday: Camino Haciendas Santa Fe

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This Transformation Tuesday highlights Camino Haciendas, a new construction home located in Santa Fe. Our design concept had a very clear focus: to honor the history and culture of our client’s native New Mexico. As part of our design process, our team researched the landscape, people, and stories of Santa Fe. And we collaborated with our very hands-on clients every step of the way.

Creating an homage to a particular place was a fun learning experience that resulted in a truly distinctive interior (we’ll reveal soon!). We partnered with a local builder, who referred us to several local artisans specializing in furnishings and decor. Our goal was authenticity, a priority for our clients, who actually shopped and sourced with us during our site visits. Today, we’re sharing a glimpse of that process.

Santa Fe New Construction with True North Builders

Camino is a new construction home built by True North Builders. The owner, Cody North, is a native Santa Fean with over 20 years of hands-on building experience. Influenced by the landscape and work of New Mexico’s artists, his projects blend modern technology with traditional or contemporary build styles. Cody is a fifth generation builder with strong ties to the Santa Fe community. Wait til you see this home!

Adobe-Style Design

The adobe style is the most recognizable style of Santa Fe architecture. Traditional adobe bricks are heavy, made of mud and straw. A surface coating of clay is applied to the bricks, creating the smooth exteriors seen throughout the southwest. Preservation of historically protected structures occurs throughout Santa Fe. The De Vargas Street House, to the east of the Old Santa Fe Trail, was built around 1200 AD, and is considered one of the oldest homes in America. Today, it is a museum and a testament to the durability and lasting beauty of adobe buildings.

Picturesque view of Camino Haciendas Sante Fe | Laura U Interior Design

Throughout the home, we wanted to make sure you could see this amazing view!

Selecting natural stone for Camino Haciendas Santa Fe project by Laura U Interior Design

 Talking with the Sherpa Stone team in Santa Fe. Our client helped source stone for the kitchen counters and backsplash.

Detailed tile layout design for Camino Haciendas Santa Fe home by Laura U Interior Design

The client helped Shenay design this ceramic tile layout

Camino is built in the adobe style. Environmentally friendly adobe bricks are think and dynamic in size. They possess a high thermal mass, which means they retain heat and energy. This also means they can keep a home cooler. Reducing the homeowners energy needs is a very modern convention that owes a great deal to this traditional build method. The materials are also sustainable, so it’s a win-win!

Bringing the Outside In

Bringing the outside in was a priority for this Santa Fe home. Cody’s team constructed a spacious residence with 6 outdoor living spaces, known as portals for our client. From the moment you walk in, you feel a connection to the outdoors. The back portal is visible from the entry way. Natural elements like reclaimed wood beams and natural stone are seen throughout. Large windows bring cohesive repetition in the views. The quintessential Santa Fe design seamlessly connects with the surrounding landscape. We are thrilled this home won Best Design, Category 1 at the Santa Fe Parade of Homes in August 2019.

Natural Stone in Camino Haciendas Santa Fe

The interior design of Camino Haciendas is rooted in nature. Much like the exterior of the home, which is literally made from the surrounding land, the interior seeks to imitate the beauty of the landscape. We worked with Sherpa Stone to source pieces for the kitchen backsplash and perimeter islands. They even created a stone table for us out of the remnants. The cooler-toned stone features sections of varying color, representing the layering of rock formations throughout the passage of time. There is movement and history there – exactly what we were trying to achieve.

Sherpa Stone is the result of a long time partnership between master fabricator, Ngima Sherpa and business leader, Patricia Garcia. Mr. Sherpa’s impeccable safety record, quality of work, and attention to detail has earned him the respect of many local builders, architects, and designers. It was a joy working with their team on this Camino Haciendas project!

Up Next at Camino Haciendas Santa Fe…

For Wall Wednesday, we’ll be taking a look at the art of Camino. Again, taking the recommendations of our partners for the best in local art and decor, we found a few surprises and a couple go-to galleries that we will be sure to visit next time we’re in New Mexico!