Statement lighting is the jewelry of your room

Statement lighting comes in many shapes and styles, but one thing is for sure – your guests will take notice! Whether your space features a gorgeous chandelier or a set of eye-catching pendant lights, fabulous lighting can transform a room much like a great statement piece of jewelry ties together a beautiful outfit.

There are three factors you’ll want to consider when selecting the perfect statement light for your space.

Statement lighting, Master Suite, Gold and Gray Accents


Statement lighting fixtures are a fun way to play up the style of your home. They’re an unexpected way to add color, texture    and a little drama to the space. You can use them to add a touch of glitz and glamour, a bit of contemporary flair or use them create a more rustic vibe.

Statement lighting, Formal Dining Room, Traditional and Modern design, natural lighting
I love the look of open iron lights in a farm style house. And a large, gold dipped crystal chandelier looks fabulous in a traditional estate with high ceilings. Statement lights are the perfect way bring your design dreams to life.
Large Open Kitchen, Black Cabinets with gold hardware, Statement lighting


It’s important to consider the space you’ll be lighting. Knowing where the light is going helps determine the size of the fixture and how much light you’ll need. You also want to think about the additional table or floor lamps you’ll be incorporating, if you want the ability to dim the lights, how much natural light the space has and the size of the room. Keep in mind larger spaces need more light than smaller ones.

Statement lighting, Formal Dining, Bright Colors, Laura U interior Design
If the space has lots of natural light, selecting a lighting fixture that doesn’t give off much light may not be a problem. But if the space doesn’t have much natural light, you want to make sure to layer your lighting and choose overhead fixtures that give off plenty of light.
For a larger room, grand chandeliers are wonderful. They’re warm, inviting and provide a lot of light in the space. For smaller rooms like the master bedroom where you might prefer more dimmed lighting, a wall lighting piece or smaller statement piece works beautifully.
Statement lighting, master drop lights, neutral


In design there’s a practical purpose for everything, but that doesn’t mean your fixtures have to be subtle or go unnoticed. Don’t be afraid to choose a bold and dramatic light! Just make sure the piece flows with the rest of the design.
And if you’ve tiptoed around doing something big and eye-catching in the space, a statement light might be what your space needs. It’s a fabulous way to show off your style and personality.
Statement lighting, Study, Warm colors, Laura U Interior Design
Whether you’re creating a dimly-lit, moody space or one that’s bright and energizing, lighting is a key element of creating the room’s ambiance. The fixtures have to provide enough light in the space so you can see, but that doesn’t mean things can’t be visually stunning at the same time. They can serve as a piece of art in the room – the icing on top of the cake!
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