16 Sexy Soaker Tubs We Love


Your primary bathroom is one room in your home you use every day. But just because it’s a bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t be a showstopping space. One of the best ways to make a statement in your master bathroom is to incorporate a sexy soaker tub. We love incorporating a soaker tub into our client’s master bathroom because they’re practical and visually stunning.

You can use a clean, modern soaker tub paired with luxurious marble and wood accents to create a rich, masculine master bathroom. Or you can use a curved freestanding soaker tub with a gorgeous chandelier overhead to create a soft, feminine space. The most important thing to remember about selecting the best soaker tub is to make sure it’s comfortable!

Whether you prefer a traditional claw foot tub or an unexpected white onyx faceted tub, there’s a freestanding soaker tub design for you. Today I’m excited to share the 16 best (and sexiest!) soaker tubs with you.

This moody bathroom receives an uplift from this beautiful white tub

Kohler – Chess Tub

The Chess tub is one of the best soaker tubs. It’s the freestanding tub Laura chose for her primary bathroom on North Blvd! We love the classic design and the scale is super comfy. It’s one of my favorite freestanding soaker tubs to place in a client’s home.

The York Tub ooks fabulous against the black panes of these windows

Victoria and Albert – The York Tub

This beautiful soaker tub is a favorite among many because of its timeless design. The pedestal base hides the plumbing which creates clean lines of sight. It’s a traditional, yet modern soaker tub that won’t go out of style.

The Waldorf Tub has a distinct octagonal shape perfect for soaking

Crosswater London – The Waldorf Tub

What we love about the Waldorf Tub is the distinctive shape. This sexy soaker tub is an elegant, modern interpretation of the art deco style. We agree with Marilyn Hermance from Westheimer Plumbing, one of our favorite vendors, that “it would be a beautiful centerpiece in any master bathroom.”

Kohler Bathroom

Kohler – Ceric Freestanding Tub

This freestanding soaker tub design from Kohler has a special place in Laura’s heart! She put this tub in her girls’ bathroom in their North Blvd home. She chose this tub for their bathroom because it’s more spacious. It’s going to be perfect for them as they grow.

A brushed gold looks so regal against the white of the Penhaglion Fountain"s tub

Penhaglion – The Fountains’ Tub

If you’re looking for the best soaker tub fit for a queen’s bathroom, look no further than The Fountains’ tub. The gold hardware gives the soaker tub a regal feel. All we can say is the details absolutely make this tub!

This is a unique bowtie-shaped soaker tub from Kallista

Kallista – Papion Tub

Our wonderful rep at Ann Saks chose this gorgeous Papion soaker tub from Kallista. The sleek bow tie inspired silhouette is the perfect match for the geometric tile and light fixture. The design of this freestanding soaker tub is sleek and instantly elevates any master bathroom.

We used this Apaiser soaking tub in a recent project, as shown here


This master bathroom we designed for our client is all about contrasting shapes. The gentle curves of this sexy soaker tub from Apaiser provides a beautiful contrast to the vertical lines of symmetry created by the windows. I love that the window treatments provide privacy but still allow lots of natural light to shine through.

This black soaker tub is reminiscent of vintage washbins, utilitarian and chic

Image via Elle Decor

Agape – Vieques Tub by Patricia Urquiola

This black and white soaker tub is the perfect way to make an unexpected statement in your master bathroom. Inspired by the first bath tub design, this chic color combination makes the soaker tub feel fresh and modern. This sexy soaker tub proves you don’t need bold colors to make a dramatic statement.

Beautiful tub in the primary bath in Aspen Snowmass.


Kohler – Imperator Freestanding Tub

In the primary bath of Mountain Lane, Laura selected the Imperator Freestanding tub. There’s just something so romantic and glamorous about this tub. It’s the perfect size for relaxing after a long day.

This freestanding soaker is designed by Charlotte Moss and enjoys all the light

Image via Traditional Home


All the natural light in this master bathroom designed by Charlotte Moss seems to shine a spotlight on this gorgeous freestanding soaker tub. The delicate design of the tub is feminine and sophisticated, making it the perfect match for the blush walls. Plus, the elegant curved base adds the right amount of height so you can enjoy the beautiful view while soaking in this sexy tub.

I love Studio McGee's work and this room is no exception - I love this soaker tub!

Image via Studio McGee


The sculptural shape of this soaker tub brings softness to the crisp lines of this master bathroom designed by Studio McGee. The tub’s curved lines provide a beautiful contrast to the horizontal lines of the shiplap and iron window frame. And the stunning metallic light fixture and earthy accents bring warmth and texture to this crisp space. This all white master bathroom is anything but boring.

Image via Lindye Galloway

Set against a wall of windows, this freestanding soaker tub is bathed in natural light. The curved base mirrors the arched window and the streamlined plumbing fixture ensures nothing blocks the gorgeous view. The geometric details and neutral color palette Lindye Galloway used add interest without taking your focus off this sexy soaker tub.

Image via Ashley Stark

Abstract patterns, touches of gold metallic and a splash of emerald green give this master bathroom by Tineke Triggs a luxe and glamorous vibe. The edgy art piece immediately catches your attention and the sexy soaker tub underneath gives your eye a soft place to land. Together, they create the perfect focal point in this bold and dramatic master bathroom.

Image via Kohler

Kallista – Freestanding Bathtub by Laura Kirar

This freestanding bathtub by Laura Kirar is one of the best soaker tubs because of its elegant lines. It’s the perfect blend of masculine and feminine styles and is versatile enough to work in any master bathroom. It can hold up to two bathers, which makes it a soaker tub both adults and kids will love.

Image via Luxe Magazine

The gorgeous stained glass windows in this Moroccan style master bathroom by Chris Barrett Design are the perfect backdrop for this sexy soaker tub. The curved rim on the tub reflects the arches on the windows and the delicate pattern on the floor tiles. The soaker tub’s streamlined design makes it the perfect fit for in between the vanities.

Image via Suszi Saunders

Cast Iron Bath Company – The Salcombe

If you tend to prefer a more traditional style tub, then this soaker tub from Cast Iron Bath Company is for you. The distinguished claw feet paired with a delicate curved rim is a timeless combination. This is the best soaker tub to give any bathroom an elegant, sophisticated feel.

Image via Elle Decor

This modern soaker tub seamlessly blends into this showstopping master bathroom layered with unique art and luxurious antiques. The soaker tub’s simple lines are a beautiful juxtaposition to the gilded Louis XV mirror and candelabra artwork. This sexy soaker tub shows how intentional design can bring together the past and present in a very Classically Current way.

Incorporating a freestanding soaker tub into your bathroom gives you the perfect spot to unwind and is a fabulous way to make a statement. The best part is that no matter what your interior design style is, you can find a sexy soaker tub that works for you. I hope today’s post gave you some ideas and inspiration for selecting the perfect soaker tub for your master bathroom.