Bringing the interior of your home to life starts with the furniture selections. Each selection helps define the overall room layout and how the space will be used. Our main goal is to create special areas for conversations and for spending time with family and friends.

So today, we’re going to take a deep dive into how our selection process works.

Selecting the perfect furniture for your interior

Let’s Chat!

First, we sit down with our clients to discuss their personal style and main goals for the home. We ask questions about their lifestyle, how they will use each space and their specific needs all guide our selections. For example, the need for an entertaining space, being family friendly or making comfort a priority – or all of the above! – are all things that would determine what fabrics or pieces we would select for each room.

Selecting the perfect furniture for your interior

Now, What’s Next?

After our deep dive ‘information gathering’ session(s), we research and pull inspiration images of what your interiors could look like. Then we select gorgeous materials, like tiles and fabrics, in different colors and textures to present to the client. We meet to get feedback in real time and then narrow down our options to our client’s absolute favorites.

Selecting the perfect furniture for your interior

The next step is to figure out what furniture you may already own – family heirlooms, favorite chairs, artwork – and we incorporate those pieces into the new space using CAD. Then we design each space based on our previous meetings, existing furnishings, and project goals. Depending on the space, we will either search for new pieces, antique items or create custom furnishings.

A custom piece (for example, we use House + Town for plush upholstery) allows you to have a piece that fits the design and space perfectly. But refinishing or reupholstering pieces with new fabrics that better mesh with our design is a great way to give new life to existing furniture.

Selecting the perfect furniture for your interior

In addition to creating custom pieces – we source from wonderful local shops, showrooms and track down new resources every day. We select furnishings from all over the world! Each year the design team hits up furniture markets like High Point, Las Vegas, Dallas, ICFF, Atlanta, etc…  I also love to shop internationally and have ventured out on shopping trips to London, Paris, Milan, Florence, and Rome.

Selections That Speak To You!

There is so much to talk about when it comes to furniture selection, and I hope that this gives you just a bit of insight into the process. The most important thing is that the design team at Laura U loves to spend time with and truly get to know our clients. This means we can choose the perfect pieces for them that tell their story through their home. We want each home to be livable and comfortable, thoughtfully designed, and filled with meaningful pieces.

We are excited to chat with you about bringing life to your home!