Santa Fe Hacienda

Santa Fe, NM

Located in the beautiful city of Santa Fe, this home’s design embodies the genuine spirt of the city. As a secondary residence, the homeowner’s wanted a space that truly connected to the Santa Fean landscape and culture. Our design team spent time exploring the history and culture of Santa Fe before developing the design concept for the home. Pueblo Indians had inhabited the area for a millennium before Spanish colonialists moved into the territory. In the 19th Century, Americans traveled from Missouri along the Santa Fe Trail, bringing yet another culture through New Mexico. This diverse assembly gave birth to a locale that is respectful of its history, its people, and its landscape.

We were determined to honor each of these groups through design. Throughout the home you will find rooms dedicated to a particular piece of Santa Fe’s history. From the Saints Room (and the Spaniards’ Catholic influence) to the Lobo Room (an homage to one of the state’s most recognizable creatures), this Santa Fe Hacienda pays tribute to Santa Fe with a celebration of color, pattern, and bold artworks.

Project Details
6,106 sq. ft.
Build Team:
True North Builders, Architectural Alliance Inc.
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