October 2022 High Point Market Trend Report

Every six months, Laura and other members of our studio make the pilgrimage to High Point, North Carolina. In her article “High Point Market Fall 2022: An AD PRO Essential Guide” for Architectural Digest, Mel Studach outlines the fair’s offerings. Studach writes that High Point boasts “2,000-plus exhibitors [that] span emerging makers to legacy furniture houses.” There’s an endless supply of ideas and inspiration in store for High Point attendees. No matter how many furniture fairs we attend and how many High Point Market trends on which we report, we are always wowed. This incredible gathering of architects, furniture makers, artisans, interior designers and B2B buyers is unparalleled. (You can tell from our Instagram feed that the delicious eats and refreshing libations are also enticing.) As other designers do, we have our High Point Market favorites. LUDC Founder/CEO Laura Umansky and COO Melissa Grove always stop by Hudson Valley Lighting, Vanguard and Baker-McGuire when in North Carolina. Hickory Chair, EJ Victor and Roberta Schilling can’t be missed. Though we love these design icons, the furniture market’s newcomers presented some of the most interesting, fresh and creative displays in their showrooms. From romantic touches and feminine lines to organic materials and earth tones, here are ten intriguing trends from High Point Market October 2022.

This Year’s Theme

The theme of Fall 2022 High Point Market was tripartite: “Entwine, Midnight and Modernity.” Nine Muses Media curator and Creative Director Julie Smith Vincenti introduced the theme at Saturday’s TrendWatch: Fall 2022 – LIVE at Market! event. As readers will note while scrolling through our list of trends from High Point Market, exhibitors took the theme well in hand.

“Entwine” carries trends from last Fall’s market into 2022 with cozy fabrics and large-scale seating. “Midnight” brings back the moody colors of 2021 — adding black, smoky glass and high contrast elements. “Modernity” refreshes neutral color palettes and traditional materials — breathing new life into antique silhouettes.

10 Intriguing Trends from High Point Market October 2022

#1 Romantic Touches and Feminine Lines


10 Intriguing Trends from High Point Market October 2022


First on our list of trends from this season’s High Point Market are romantic touches and feminine lines. Laura loved these tear-drop pulls affixed to a sideboard from Vanguard. The detailing on this fabric-covered end table is just as stunning. We love how the crisp peaks and soft curves of the table’s lip resemble the delicate ornamentation of Arabic and Moorish architecture.

We also noticed the gentle slopes of wall sconces at Regina Andrew‘s showroom and winding metal bases of pendants at Hudson Valley Lighting. Clearly, there were many testaments to this trend at High Point.

#2 Tailored Silhouettes and Formal Fabrics


10 Intriguing Trends from High Point Market October 2022


Next on our list of High Point Market October 2022 trends are tailored silhouettes and formal fabrics. Hickory Chair, Baker/McGuire and Century all embraced these two trends. Of course, this was somewhat of a departure from last Fall, during which the pandemic was still keeping many Americans in their homes.

In October 2021, cozy bouclé sofas, undulating tabletops and swooping armchairs took center stage. Comfort is still top of mind at this season’s market, but the furniture is precisely tailored and almost architectural. We noticed quite a bit of tweed upholstery this year, but were amused to find a tweed-bouclé combo in Hickory Chair’s display!

#3 Designing for Families and Guests


10 Intriguing Trends from High Point Market October 2022


As one might imagine, there was a greater focus on designing for multigenerational families and guests during this season’s High Point Market. This should come as no surprise given recent trends. According to this article from CNBC, “the number of household with two or more adult generations has quadrupled over the past five decades.” Plus, many students continue to attend school from home while Millennials and Gen Z-ers moved back in with parents during the pandemic.

The need for multifunctional furniture is felt in every home with growing children, elderly relatives or frequent visitors. The desire to spend time together as a family is equally prevalent. At this season’s market, we saw a lot of gaming and card tables like Suzanne Kasler’s Julien Game Table from Hickory Chair’s Casegoods Collection.

Daybeds and pull-out couches were everywhere too. We love the idea of using pieces like these in an office for visitors or a guest bedroom for sleepovers. One of our favorites was the couch pictured above on the left from Vanguard.

#4 Organic Materials and Earth Tones


10 Intriguing Trends from High Point Market October 2022


Fourth on our list of High Point Market trends are organic materials and earth tones. One notable departure from last Fall’s market was the absence of bold colors. Most displays were fairly neutral and embraced a muted color palette typical of Mid-Century Modern interiors.


high point 2022 market trends

From Roberta Schilling and EJ Victor to Vanguard and Four Hands, organic materials and neutral tones were everywhere. We were especially intrigued by the collaboration between Cicil and Artish Studio. Their organic rugs made with regionally-sourced wool and innovative, locally-made furniture were a huge hit!

#5 Craftsmanship — Especially in Carpentry


10 Intriguing Trends from High Point Market October 2022


Over the last few years, we have noticed a shift from mass-manufactured furniture to high-quality, artisan-made pieces. Last year’s High Point Market actually focused on sustainability, which typically goes hand-in-hand with handmade goods. This year also gave artisans their due.


high point market trends


Fifth on our list of High Point Market trends is craftsmanship — particularly in carpentry and joinery. Few stood out as starkly as Roberta Schilling, whose chairs married delicate joinery with wide backs in an unexpected juxtaposition of artistry and modernity. Another stand-out was California-based One for Victory.

#6 Interesting Trim


10 Intriguing Trends from High Point Market October 2022


Sixth on our list of trends from High Point Market is interesting trim. Last Fall’s High Point Market was awash with leather fringe and feather trim. This year offers a more muted take on last year’s maximalist approach to accents.

Our favorites include the warm-toned gray sofa from EJ Victor pictured above on the left. We also loved the ottoman from Olivya Stone pictured above on the right.

#7 High Contrast Between Colors and Materials


10 Intriguing Trends from High Point Market October 2022


Seventh on our list of trends from High Point Market October 2022 is high contrast between colors and materials. We noticed this in everything from light fixtures to furniture — primarily with black and white. Chief among them were light fixtures from Sean Levin and Hudson Valley Lighting — above on the right — as well as chairs from Theodore Alexander.

As we note in a post on Instagram, we actually noticed these chairs a couple of years back. We knew they would be perfect for the dining room of an upcoming project. One of the benefits to truly timeless design is the pleasure of running into pieces and pairings you chose years ago!

#8 Fluted and Conical Elements


10 Intriguing Trends from High Point Market October 2022


Pleated and fluted details were all the rage at last Fall’s High Point Market, and they returned for this season’s fair. We found conical and fluted elements in end tables, dining tables and coffee tables throughout the market.

From the left to lower right images included above, we delighted in pieces from Baker, Vanguard and EJ Victor. Though somewhat austere, industrial and architectural, the conical and fluted forms pictured above almost have a pop art feel.

#9 Unusual Glass Details


10 Intriguing Trends from High Point Market October 2022


Exhibitors at High Point Market often push the boundaries set by both organic and man-made materials. This season’s market was no different — though the offerings were unusual and intriguing. We enjoyed the smokey glass orb pendants and chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting.

Olivya Stone’s Kurow Side Table — pictured above on the right — was another show-stopper. With travertine stone and textural cast glass, this adjustable end table has a coastal contemporary feel. Throughout the Market, we noticed a number of coastal influences in light fixtures and textile choices.

#10 Puffy Upholstery


10 Intriguing Trends from High Point Market October 2022


Last on our list of High Point Market trends is puffy upholstery — another iteration of a trend in last year’s report. Vanguard, Baker and Hickory Chair all exhibited oversized seating with fluffy pillows, puffy upholstery and circular silhouettes. Comfort is king once more in High Point, North Carolina!

Curious What We Thought About Last Year’s Market?


High Point Market trends in 2021 were all about sculptural lighting, moody colors and fluted details. Organic, curved furnishings also featured heavily at High Point last Fall. Clearly, comfort is still in style this October. Check out our High Point Market Recap 2021 Trend Report here to learn more.

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