Moodboard Monday: Textures and Tones in Pebble Beach

Interior Design

Welcome back to Viscaino, our latest project in Pebble Beach, California. The home recently graced the pages of Rue Magazine and has been taking over our Journal for the month. For today’s Moodboard Monday, we are taking a peek at the special pieces that create our most favorite moments in this home.

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A graphic showcasing the rug, artwork, and lighting at Viscaino, designed by Laura U.


With over 7,500 sq. ft. of panoramic coastal views and an enviable art collection, Viscaino captivates inside and out. The homeowners have been with us for years and this is the 6th home that we’ve designed for them. Having moved to Pebble Beach from Houston, they were hoping to embrace a California Cool aesthetic, with a couple touches from home.

Our Favorite Pieces

The Murano Chandelier

The formal living room sets the tone for guests – expect something spectacular. And this stunning, vintage Murano glass chandelier is anything but! Its delicate pieces were assembled by hand, and at its grand scale, truly centers the space. Paired with a serpentine sofa, these delicate elements find bold contrast with a dynamic swish of aubergine, a piece from artist Donald Martiny on the opposite wall.

The Tai Ping Rug

The homeowners love color and you will find the entire spectrum throughout the home. We introduce oceanic shades very early, with a custom Tai Ping rug, which our designer Lexie showcases for size below.

The Sugar and Cloth Wall

Because our clients love color and their native Houston, we decided to create a little H-Town magic on the playroom level. Inspired by the Sugar and Cloth wall, a colorfully painted outdoor installation from the award-winning blogger Ashley Rose. The wall has since been replaced with another rotating installation. But the Viscaino homeowners have a slice in their forever home.

Bardot by Ken Tate

This residence is home to a wonderful array of artists, from Marc Chagall to Damien Hirst. Near the entry of the home this playful and striking piece from artist Ken Tate really introduces guests to the personalities of the homeowners. This piece was a stunner at their previous high rise home in Houston. It holds a special place for us, designing space around it once again.


The vintage Murano chandelier in the formal living room.


Lead designer Lexie Terry poses on a Tai Ping Rug at the Viscaino residence.

Lead designer Lexie reclines on a Tai Ping rug in the entry.


Senior Designer Blair Usnick descends the stairs to the Sugar and Cloth wall at Viscaino

The play and game rooms feature a colorful burst, inspired by the Sugar and Cloth wall in Houston.


Bardot by Ken Tate hangs near the entry at Viscaino, designed by Laura U

This painting from artist Ken Tate introduces the colorful personalities of the homeowners.


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