Moodboard Monday: Mid-Century Inspired Interior Design in Memorial


It’s time to reveal a new home on the portfolio today! This mid-century inspired interior design project is located in the Memorial area of Houston. Known for its spectacular location, Memorial is just west of downtown and is commonly referred to as the city’s center. In fact, Memorial is home to the sophisticated City Centre shopping community, as well as many gorgeous homes designed in the late ’50s and ’60s.

Today, we are introducing you to a new construction home that embraces that mid-century feel. Sleek, modern industrial finishes are paired with custom details to create a warm, inviting interior. Every room has its own personality, but each room feels connected.

Mid-Century Inspired Interior Design

Custom built by Frankel Builders, this new home is surrounded by the forested trails of Terry Hershey Park. Bringing the outside in is a hallmark concept of mid-century design. Frankel’s design includes massive windows which invite natural light and the verdant landscape inside. There’s a emphasis on spaciousness in the home while still creating warmth. From the moment you walk in, you have a clear view of the pool and the park.

The living room at Regentview with Herman Miller furnishings

At Regentview, the homeowners” love of Herman Miller is evident throughout, lending to the mid-century feel.

Our clients love art and have a burgeoning art collection. The wife’s family has an art gallery in Michigan and they enjoy having personal relationships with the artists.┬áBut their vibrant art collection wasn’t the only inspiration for our design. The iconic Herman Miller was a major influence on the design.

The wife’s family has a history of working with the famous furniture company. Herman Miller’s design philosophy revolves around crafting beautiful and useful furnishings that enhance every day life. Their portfolio includes design’s most iconic pieces of furniture, like the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman and the Noguchi Table. The home’s mid-century inspired interior design is similarly clean-lined, practical, comfortable, sustainable, and undeniably luxurious.

Mid-Century Inspired Architecture in Houston

Understated, clean lines, and minimal ornamentation are some of the distinguishing characteristics of mid-century design. The Memorial area abounds with gorgeous homes built in the mid-century style. Many of these homes were designed by some of Houston’s most well respected mid-century architects.

Family room of Preston Bolton

These massive windows provide stunning views of the grounds at the home of Preston Bolton in Houston

Photo by TK Images, courtesy of Mike Mahlstedt of Compass via Dwell

Preston Bolton

Preston Bolton was an award-winning architect. He’s well-known for his modern, rectilinear, flat-roofed homes built in the style of Philip Johnson and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Bolton’s mid-century designs focus on elegant use of space and maximizing light.

However, he wasn’t like other modernists. He preferred lofty ceilings instead of the traditional low ceilings. His designs incorporated unique touches like terracotta floor tiles and paneled wood doors. Many of these elements can be seen throughout the design of his own home.

Bolton was also responsible for helping to start many cultural organizations like the Houston Ballet, Alley Theatre, and the Contemporary Arts Association.

Light filled living room with Eames chair and womb chair in mid-century home

A timeless Eames lounge chair is the perfect spot to sit when taking in the views of the garden at the home designed by Hugo V. Neuhaus

Photos by TK Images, courtesy of Karen Gillespie of John Daugherty, Realtors via Curbed

Hugo V. Neuhaus

A Texas native, Hugo V. Neuhaus graduated from Havard School of Design. While at school, he met Philip Johnson. His career took off when Johnson asked him to be the local architect for the Menil House.

This collaboration introduced him to the work of Mies van der Rohe, which heavily influenced his later designs. Starting with his own mid-century home in the River Oaks area, he designed a series of buildings. These buildings characterize the refinement, precision, and tranquil urbanity he’s become known for.

Neuhaus was a prominent member of the Houston community. He was on the board that selected van der Rohe to design the addition for the Museum of Fine Arts.

Mid-Century Inspired Interior Design Color Palette

The color palette of this mid-century home is inspired by our client’s love of purple. Not typically considered a neutral color, our client insists purple is a neutral. And she’s not wrong! In design, neutral colors can be any shade that works as a complement to bolder hues. Soft, warm reds and lighter blues can certainly act as neutrals if they aren’t too saturated.

A white Eames Lounger for Herman Miller chair sits in the master at Regentview

The clients” white Eames lounger settles into their master bedroom, while their black Eames lounger has its place in the study.

At Regentview, rich aubergine touches activate sandy tones. From the kitchen bar stools to the custom living room rug and pops of color in the artwork, this color subtly demands attention. The purple hues woven throughout the design blend the warm and cool tones to create a sophisticated, yet welcoming home.

Making Mid-Century Design Modern

Making the traditionally functional mid-century design into something more approachable in this home was an exciting task. Stay tuned as we reveal more details about how we gave this mid-century inspired home a modern touch.