Luxurious and Sustainable Decor

Interior Design

Whether I’m designing my own home or a client’s, using pieces that are durable and sustainable is essential. Choosing to incorporate sustainable decor prevents you from having to replace things quickly. It also allows you to make a positive impact on the community and the environment.

Sustainable interior designs give you the confidence of knowing that you’re creating a safe and healthy environment for your family.

Sustainable Decor

As a mom, I know how important it is to use pieces that can stand up to everyday life. As an interior designer, I understand the value of incorporating stunning pieces into your home. But you don’t have to choose between having livable pieces or luxurious ones.

In fact, many luxury brands pride themselves in their sustainable and “green” process.

Sustainable decor - Recycled glass surfaces from Vetrazzo x Laura U


Vetrazzo creates beautiful countertops and surfaces out of consumer recycled glass. The glass they use comes from curbside recycling programs, which reduces their carbon footprint. Talented artisans handcraft each slab in Georgia and hand place each piece of glass. (I was lucky enough to visit the factory to see how the magic happens!)

Sustainable decor - Recycled glass surfaces from Vetrazzo x Laura U

What drew me to Vetrazzo was the beautiful surfaces they were creating out of glass from car windshields, mirrors, and bottles. The quality and uniqueness of the product make it the perfect fit for our interiors. So having the opportunity to develop my own line for Vetrazzo was such a joy! I loved getting to design a product that showcases how something like a surface can be stunning and functional.

Sustainable decor - Recycled glass surfaces from Vetrazzo x Laura U

The best part about these surfaces is that you don’t have to worry about ruining it because you forgot to seal it. It’s stain resistant and non-porous. This is a surface that can stand up to everyday life in your kitchen. It’s a product I’ve been using for years in our client’s homes as well as in my own kitchen.

Century Furniture

Century Furniture is a family-owned company located in North Carolina. They’re dedicated to manufacturing high-quality, sustainable furniture that conserves environmental resources and lasts for generations. They use local materials that are sustainably managed, which reduces their carbon footprint, to make a majority of their furniture.

A Century Furniture console

From metal components to the cushion fill and packaging, they use recycled materials whenever possible. They’re committed to continuously improving their environmental footprint and are developing a sustainable ingredient to replace petroleum based chemicals in foam. Their focus on environmental responsibility has earned them the coveted Sustainable by Design recognition.

I’ve been working with Century Furniture for more than 10 years. Their pieces are perfect for creating Classically Current interiors and we use their sustainable decor pieces in all our projects. Our clients can feel confident about passing these pieces to the next generation because they’re functional, beautiful, and designed to last.

Revolution Performance Fabrics

Based in North Carolina, Revolution Fabrics is a family-owned company revolutionizing the upholstery fabric industry. They upcycle a byproduct of refining petroleum into an upholstery fiber. They use this fiber to created luxurious, high-performing fabrics.

Revolution sources and makes all the yarns for their fabrics completely within the US. The fibers are dyed without water and don’t require land or water for its production. Plus, they’re made without using any PFC chemicals. This product has the smallest carbon footprint of any upholstery fiber.

After seeing these fabrics at High Point, I knew they were perfect fit for our interior designs. These fabrics are great for the environment and for our clients. Many of our clients have little kiddos, so it’s important to have upholstery that stands up to the everyday wear and tear. They’re easy to clean, durable, and luxurious.

There are a million reasons why I love Revolution Fabrics and am thrilled to be one of their brand ambassadors! I’m amazed that they’re able to take a waste product and turn it into something stunning. It’s the ideal fabric for creating sustainable interior designs.

Sustainable Interior Design

Using heirloom quality and ethically sourced furnishings in your home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the style or performance. Whether it’s fabric, a surface, or furniture, you can be confident about what you’re bringing into your home. These sustainable companies prove you can have luxurious products in your home that are great for the environment and your family.

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