Living Spaces with Tons of Flexibility and Why They Work

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Rooms in a home used to only have a single purpose. The dining room was for eating, the living room or sitting room was for entertaining guests, and the bedrooms were used for sleeping. But as lifestyles have changed, homeowners have begun to desire more multifunctional spaces.

They don’t want to be bound to one room or space anymore. People want the flexibility to use the space in different ways and comfortably have conversations anywhere in their home, whether it’s at the dining room table after dinner (link to the dining room table when it’s live) or in their living room

As open concept floor plans have become more popular, we’ve begun to see larger-scale, multifunctional living rooms included in the design. Homeowners are using more flexible seating in these spaces so they have the ability to have multiple things going on in one room without compromising the flow. Flexible seating allows you to use the space in whatever way works best for your family’s everyday and entertaining needs.

Today I want to share a few fabulous living rooms with flexible seating that have caught my eye recently. What I love about these living rooms is that they do a beautiful job incorporating individual seating in a variety of different styles to create more intimate seating arrangements within the larger space.

This more casual living room is great because you have space to watch TV, play pool with friends, read a book by the window or sit and chat in one of the chairs by the fire. I also love these ottomans because they can easily be moved when someone wants to join the conversation but then left to the side when they aren’t needed.

This more formal living room is perfect for relaxing with a glass of wine after dinner. And having a bench where you can choose which way you sit is huge. It gives your guests the option to sit down and make themselves comfortable however they want.

For a more a traditional sitting area, you can have the couches facing each other with chairs off to the side. The chairs can be turned anyway when someone wants to join the conversation. It’s also helpful to include a martini table next to each seat so guests have a spot to put their beverage.

The beauty of a living room with flexible seating is that you can design it in a way that best fits your lifestyle. You can choose to make the space more formal or if you have kids, you can make it a more causal space for them to hang out. There are an endless number of ways you can arrange this space and my team and I would love to chat with you about how to design your perfect living room.