Keeping your interior fresh over the years

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Have you ever walked into a space and thought to yourself “Wow, is it just me or does my [insert any room here] look really dated?!” Don’t feel bad! When I walked into the fab 70s sunken living room in The Boulevard Show House, that was my first thought! After some slight miracle-working, that sunken lounge space is going to be the newest and best thing. Just like with fashion or music, your design style and preferences change over time.

It’s so important to find ways to make your interior reflect your style and personality, even when your preferences shift or your style is influenced by a new trend. So today I wanted to share a few tips on how to keep your interior looking fresh over the years.

Keeping your interior fresh over the years

Make it intentional!

Always remember your home is about you. So don’t be afraid to choose furniture, wallpaper or art that speaks to you even if it isn’t “on trend”. Accessorize with curated objects, art or artifacts. These are items that spoke to you and will remain timeless. Whether it’s items you’ve collected from world travels, heirloom or antique pieces or special photographs, incorporate personal items that are special to you.

Keeping your interior fresh over the years

Keep it Neutral

Go for color palettes that are more neutral and accent with bolder colors in your smaller chairs and ottomans, accessories and soft goods. It’s much easier to update these items than rather than your larger furniture, wallpapered walls or larger investment pieces. Having a few statement pieces that you LOVE and that compliment your color palette will make you super happy. Just try not to go too far into a trend though because they usually don’t last long.

Keeping your interior fresh over the years

Layer, Layer, Layer

Layering your textures, colors, and accessories is a great way to keep things new! However, you should be thoughtful about each piece. The goal is to add depth with new fabrics, textures, and prints in a classic way. Select pieces that still speak to you and compliment what you already have. Artwork and soft goods (like pillows and throws) are a fabulous way to add more color to your natural color palette.

Keeping your interior fresh over the years

Remember to make intentional selections that speak to you, because a home reflects your personality and values! Add in collected items from your travels, keep your base neutral, allow for bold accent colors and layer in new pieces to give your initial design a true refresh. Even though choosing interior design elements can feel like a permanent thing, trust me… it’s not. Do you know how many times I have told Michael that this [insert furniture element here] is my forever piece!? So as you change and your style evolves, so should your home.

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