July Obsessions


Turning to the next page in our calendar is a reminder that fall is just around the corner, but the heatwave we’re experiencing makes it hard to believe that summer will ever end! Luckily, I was able to escape the heat for a bit. I took a week off this month just to veg out with my family, get out of town and relax. While it was wonderful to get away, I’m ready to see what the rest of the summer has in store.

I’ll be kicking off August with a trip to Las Vegas Market. During our time at market last year, we saw some fabulous pieces so we’re excited to see what we find this time. But before we jump into August, I wanted to share a few of the pieces the team has been obsessing over this month.


Zoe Bois Creative stopped by recently and I’m obsessed with the artist, Valerie Suter! Her portraits are everything and I have already cleared a spot over our new fireplace for this piece!”

– Leticia Haywood, Principal Designer

Forbes and Lomax, Light Switch, Acrylic switch, summer bright colors, July Obsessions

“Typically a plastic eyesore, Forbes & Lomax have made light switches and switch plates fun. You can use an invisible one to make them totally disappear or a finish like aged brass or nickel silver to turn it into a statement. They’ve changed something mundane into a little piece of jewelry for your wall!”

– Lexi Fink, Interior Design Assistant

Logan Ledford Art, Spaced dots, Multi Colored Art, July Obsessions

“I found Logan Ledford’s art on Instagram a couple months ago and I’m absolutely infatuated with her work. The bold colors make a fantastic statement and the simple subject matter of her pieces make her work perfect for just about any space. My absolute favorite aspect of her work is the texture she achieves on her canvas…That’s what truly makes these so special.”

– Lexie Terry, Interior Design Assistant

Neutral lighting, Neutral Disc, Ceiling light fixture, July Obsessions

“I can’t get enough of this fixture! I love the modern, contemporary feel of the brass mixed with plexiglass. It’s well-balanced and is definitely a piece of art for your ceiling. ”

– Blair Foster, Senior Designer

Making a statement doesn’t mean you have to do something big and brightly colored. Shapes, textures and even choosing not to bring attention to your light switches for example, can still be very statement making. It’s all about choosing pieces that represent you and that tell your story.

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