It’s Hunt for Happiness Week!


If you haven’t heard, January 13 – 19 is Hunt for Happiness week! In honor of the new year and this fun idea, the entire Laura U team is sharing some of our resolutions in seeking joy.

To start, I resolve to NOT turn on the news – local or national. The negativity became just a bit too much for our family. We have decided to unplug and now we are all happier and less anxious for it!

Barre Class - here we come!


Shannon – A Balanced Lifestyle “I love taking Barre classes at Equinox gym. After the holiday pause, I’m ready to get back to my happy place. From their top notch classes to design ambiance, Equinox gym is a beautiful and fun fitness experience that I really enjoy.”


Hunt for Happiness Week in Houston by Laura U Interior Design


Kelly – The Great Outdoors

“My goal this year is to make more to time be outdoors and enjoy nature. My days can be hectic sometimes due to work or home life that I overlook the simple things. I want to get back to embracing things in nature that bring me happiness. I plan to make time to watch the sunset or look for shapes in a sky full of clouds.”


Britian – Quality Over Quantity

“This year I want to be more conscious about what I’m bringing into my home – clothes, decorative items, food, whatever it may be. My goal is to embrace quantity over quality and really think about why I purchase certain items. —the items I buy, where they come from, how long will they last, is this impulse? I’m one of those people who truly enjoy purging and cleaning out things every few months. However, I wonder if I can decrease the number of things I throw away or donate by not purchasing them in the first place. What would it look like if I didn’t purchase items that I don’t feel are a lifetime (or at least a year-long) investment? I’m still figuring out what the details of this goal looks like, but I’m passionate about the possibilities of it!”


Hunt for Happiness Week in Houston by Laura U

via One Kings Lane

Lexie – Tidying Up

“As part of the New Year, I wanted to adopt a habit that could turn into a great lifestyle change and most importantly, something that is a realistic goal. It just so happens that I came across the Netflix series “Tidying Up” that teaches simple declutter principles to help ease the stress at home. The concentration of this method is to only keep items that “spark joy” in your life. I am moving in a few weeks so I feel that this is the perfect time for me to implement this process. I really look forward to only keeping things that I truly love and cherish versus having a bunch of useless junk messing up my vibe.”


Shenay – Life Experiences

“My resolution for happiness is to buy fewer things and invest in more experiences. I feel like we are constantly bombarded with consumerism and it can begin to feel a bit overwhelming. I want to take a step back this year and invest my time into experiences. I also want to focus on building the deeper connection with myself and others that comes from having great experiences.”

It's Hunt for Happiness Week in Houston

What is your favorite home-cooked meal?

Molly – Home Cooked Meals 

“My Hunt for Happiness Resolution is to cook more! My husband and I often find ourselves getting lazy around dinner time. This normally leads to us opting for restaurants and fast food – not the healthiest option for us physically or financially. Now, we pick two to three new recipes from different cookbooks to try at home each week. Not only have we noticed that we are choosing healthier options and feeling better, but we are able to save money too!”


Jeanifer – New Adventures 

“Trying new thing is always exciting but it is something I really don’t regularly take the time to do. So, my hunt for happiness resolution is to try something new at least twice per month. I am working on a list of new places and interesting activities around town that I would like to try out first. My goal is to check everything off my list by the end of the year. I would like to start by doing indoor skydiving or going to The Escape Games Houston.”


Hunt for Happiness Week in Houston from Blair at Laura U

Meet Blair’s Fiddle Leaf Fig, Charlie Daniels

Blair – Adorable House Plants 
“All of my house plants bring me immense happiness and joy – in particular, my Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Charlie Daniels.  Fiddles are notoriously fickle, so caring for him can be tricky, but watching him grow is so rewarding!  I purchased him when he could fit in the floorboard of my car – now he is approaching six feet tall.”
Hunt for Happiness Week in Houston by Laura U

The Laura U team is disconnecting and picking up a good book in 2019

Krystin – Ready to Read 

“My Hunt for Happiness Resolution for this year is to start reading more. Social media and TV have truly gotten the best of me these past few years and it truly does nothing to add value to my day! So, this year I am making it a goal to start reading a book a month!”


Hunt for Happiness Week in Houston by Laura U

Are you thinking 2019 = more travel too?

Jericka – Grab a Flight

“I love everything there is to love about traveling. It may sound strange, but I especially enjoy traveling by plane. It’s so fun to see beautiful landscapes and scenic views from the sky. This year I want to travel to at least two different countries. I’m signing up for an airline rewards program as we speak!”

Laura U Hunt for Happiness Week Picks

Calypso | David Sedaris

Melissa – Digital Detoxing
“From Instagram to blogging, I am always plugged in. So, for 2019 I’m making it a priority to digitally detox. My family’s Hunt for Happiness resolution is that from 8-9pm each weeknight, we put down all phones and tablets, turn off the TV, and pick up our favorite books. We can read to each other or go solo, but we have to be reading. Here’s what’s on our reading list: House of Mirth by Edith Wharton, Calypso by David Sedaris, and Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier.”

Letecia – Sometimes you have to say “no”
“My Hunt for Happiness Resolution is pretty simple: To say “No” more often. Is that okay to say? lol”



Laura U is on the Hunt for Happiness!

The Laura U team is on the hunt for happiness!