Incorporating detailed cabinetry into your home’s architecture

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One of the things I don’t think any home can have enough of is storage. Whether it’s a place to put away your kid’s toys, store extra pool towels, or display your fine china, all these items need to have a specific spot when they aren’t in use. And though it would be fabulous to have all this storage already built in, that’s not always the case.

We often recommend detailed millwork when our clients looking are looking for more space. Not only is it practical, but when it’s installed, it totally transforms the room. Detailed millwork instantly adds more storage and display space to the room by providing additional shelving and cabinet space. It also adds depth and dimension and keeps the things you don’t want your guests to see out of sight.

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When you’re thinking about using detailed millwork in a space, consider how it will be used and where it will be located. It’s important to decide if the piece will be used for display, as storage or both. Bedrooms and around the television in the family room are two common spaces where our clients use millwork.

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Many choose to get custom millwork in their home to give themselves more space to create beautiful displays in spaces like their living room, study or office. Adding your favorite books, fresh florals, or family photos creates an intimate, homey feel. It’s the perfect spot to display little pieces of your life for your family to see every day.

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If you decide to use millwork for added storage, it gives you the perfect spot to store everything from toys to your holiday dishes and old magazines. It keeps things out of sight and organized, but still easy to access. You name it and people are probably keeping it tucked away in a hidden cabinet.

Using millwork for both storage and display gives you the ability to showcase your favorite pieces and keep things hidden away at the same time. It gives you the best of both options and the flexibility to change how you use the space.

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Detailed millwork is a great way to not only enhance the look of your home, but add additional shelving and cabinet space. So if you need more storage space or display shelves, I hope today’s post gave you some new inspiration on how millwork can add display and storage space to your home. Follow me on Instagram for more of a look into our custom millwork!

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