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Boho Inspired dining room

We think Bohemian interior design is often misunderstood, even polarizing. We see the style confused with fast fashion and festival culture, unsustainable and mass-produced. But when done well, the result is collected and worldly, reminiscent of exotic locales, and delightfully unconventional. This elusive style is achievable, and today, I’m sharing our thoughts on sophisticated Boho interior design.

The Bohemian or “Boho” style is perfect for those who want their homes to showcase life, culture, and interesting items from around the world. Going against the more modern aesthetic of clean lines and minimalist design, the Boho interior design style is relaxed, textured, and layered with color. Social media is alight with different takes on this style. We much prefer the intentional, full-home approach. A wonderful example is this interior from Sara and Rich Combs, a married design duo based in Joshua Tree, California. Inspired by the natural surroundings of the desert and their stays in Morocco, their rentals are collected and comfortable. They seem authentic and relaxed. This is how we like to interpret the Bohemian style. We’ve read that some designers feel there is a line between heritage-based design and boho. Often misappropriated for Bohemian, Moroccan interiors, for example, have a polished pattern to them. We don’t want to get that technical. We never set out to design a “Bohemian interior.” Instead, we design based upon our clients’ background and values. If they possess an undeniable wanderlust, love to collect artwork from their travels, and appreciate a worldly influence in their home, we refer to their style as “collected”. And I think it’s a great way to approach sophisticated Boho interior design!

Instagram post for boho interiors

What Defines Bohemian Style?

Bohemianism originated as a derivative of Czech nomads, and evolved to what we think of today: people who prefer to live unconventional, nomadic lifestyles. Typically associated with the French artist class of the late 19th Century, the first Bohemians were typically members of the arts. The Belle Époque, Toulouse-Lautrec, the Moulin Rouge, Henri Matisse, and Pablo Picasso all adhere to this original interpretation. In the US, we often think about the 1960s when referencing the Bohemian style. The Free Love movement, hippie fashion, anything Morrocan-inspired, the Indo-Asian look, and bold patterns all influenced the Boho style. Over the years, Boho style is unfortunately often reduced to paisley, infidelity, and immaturity. This vision could not be further from the truth!

Instagram post for boho interiors

Instagram post for boho interior design

Achieving Bohemian Style at Home

We believe that interior design is deeply personal. If the Bohemian style is one that you want to emulate, it also has to be one that authentically reflects your lifestyle. This is where the style becomes misconstrued as a youthful trend. The 14-24 age demographic easily absorbed its association with being carefree. If you feel drawn to the Bohemian style, but aren’t sure of how to imitate it with sophistication and grace, this section is for you.

Bohemian Colors

A Bohemian color palette is all about combining and layering colors. Whether boldly vibrant or naturally occurring, the colors should come from a certain place or time. The traditional and bright blues and whites of Greece can look stunning. The rusty reds and burnt oranges of Turkey are intensely gorgeous and pair well with sleeker, more contemporary looks. The subdued and ambient hues of Eastern Asia also blend well in contemporary design. It’s the unexpected combination of tradition and origin with clean-lined and modern that speaks to the nomadic nature of today’s busy professional. Frequently used as the base for brighter hues, metallics, and jewel tones, earthy browns and other neutrals help keep the look fresh and modern. In this entryway below, the bold graphic runner immediately catches your eye when you walk in. A subtle gray on the wall adds visual texture without taking attention away from the rug. The bright green leaves add life and a pop of color to the design. The contemporary glass staircase brings right back to the present day. It’s traveling through time periods that we find very unique!

Patterns and Textures

Bohemian interior design from Laura U in Houston

Bohemian interior design from Laura U in Houston

Bohemian Furniture

Sophisticated Boho Interior Design in Encino from LAura U Interior Design

Sophisticated Boho Interior Design in Encino from LAura U Interior Design


The Bohemian style incorporates a range of materials. For a sophisticated take on the Boho style, pair luxe fabrics with natural ones. Earthy materials like sisal and wood provide a beautiful contrast to luxurious silk or velvet. Accents of fringe, wicker or rattan add a casual, cozy feel to the space. The textures should balance each other and not compete for attention. In the entryway above, we love the slightly worn look of the traditional suzani rug with these casual floor pillows. It immediately invites guests to sit down and relax. And the collection of woven baskets with the modern metallic frames in this gallery wall uses collected pieces in a Classically Current way.


Soft, layered ambient light is essential for a Boho inspired room. Opt for table or floor lamps and wall sconces instead of overhead lighting. Bring in lanterns and candles to create a calm, welcoming feel. A brushed metallic floor lamp easily pulls together the gold wall sconce above the bookshelves and the silver cabinet hardware in this meditation room. It looks beautiful against the white brick and brings a touch of unexpected glamour.

Bohemian Accessories

Bohemian Interior Design Accessories

Bohemian Interior Design Accessories

Sophisticated Bohemian Style

The Boho style is relaxed and casual, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be sophisticated and polished. If you like this type of look, but want something more mature and timeless, transition to a worldly, collected design. A warm, neutral color palette accented with patterns and textures create a soothing and grounded backdrop for your home’s interior. Layering your rugs, adding a luxe throw and fun decorative pillows on your sofa adds warmth and makes it feel cozy. Mix and match pieces from different periods and showcase your favorite accessories. Creating a sophisticated Bohemian interior design is about telling your story and sharing what your most passionate about.

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