How to select flooring for any space

How To...

Like many of our clients, I have little kiddos running around and understand the need for a balance between luxury and functionality when it comes to selecting flooring. But with so many choices, how do you know which one to use? It may seem like you have to choose between aesthetics and functionality, but the great news is that you don’t! Today, I’m breaking down how to select functional and beautiful flooring for any space.

The first thing you should do is figure out how you will be utilizing the space. Next, think about how much wear and tear the space will have. The living room, foyer/entryway, kitchen, and mudroom are high traffic areas, so selecting a flooring material that is sturdy and resistant to scratches is important. And of course, you want to think about the style and design of the room – knowing how you want the space to feel can definitely be conveyed through the flooring.

Timeless Tile

Tile is a great option for the kitchen, entryway, and mudroom. This space gets a lot of action and the flooring will need to hold up to all the wear and tear. We typically use porcelain or ceramic tile in these areas because it’s extremely easy to clean and doesn’t crack if something gets dropped on it. Some of our tile go-to’s include Daltile, Ann Sacks, and Arto.

We asked the expert, Alison Dominguez from Daltile, what her thoughts were on the best flooring for these areas and here’s what she had to say… “Although wood is definitely a great warm look, it’s not for everyone. Typically you need to think about the use of the space, traffic areas, cleaning and maintenance and durability. For higher traffic areas, I would do a porcelain tile because of the durability factors, especially for families with pets. Wood flooring has a tendency to scratch whereas porcelain will not.”

Custom Tile Design

Another tile option is going custom. We love using tile because it’s so easy to create custom designs. With so many options available, it allows us to be innovative, creative and design a layout that is unique to the client. In this kitchen, we used a gradation of gray hues to create a one-of-a-kind gingham design. This tile design is stunning and a fave of mine!

This grand entry welcomes guests with a gorgeous winding staircase and a bold geometric tile design. Because this space gets a ton of traction, we used a porcelain tile which can handle all the wear and tear. The custom design adds a very luxe feeling to the space and definitely makes a statement! for sure. Plus, I just can’t get enough of this graphic black and white combo!

Go Natural With Hardwood

Hardwood floors are beautiful and bring a natural elegance to a home. Typically our builders source the hardwood floors, but when we get the chance to make a selection our go-to is Schenck & Company. They’re the top in the industry and always create gorgeous handcrafted hardwood flooring that can hold up against wear.

We love using hardwood flooring in the living room. It adds warmth to the space, and adding a rug on the floor gives the room a cozy vibe. Hardwood, if installed correctly is very resistant to traction and is easy to clean. And the best part about it is that it can be easily restored or refinished if needed.

Luxurious Marble

Marble flooring is sophisticated, luxurious and has a gorgeous sheen. However, it is more delicate than porcelain and polished marble can be slippery. But it can definitely have a place in your home. A powder bath, kitchen or living room are all great spaces for this fabulous flooring. Just be sure to have it professionally sealed.

I hope that today’s post gave you a better understanding of how to select the best flooring for your home. So whether you choose tile, hardwood or marble, remember that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for function. There are a ton of gorgeous flooring options that give you the best of both worlds! For more of our favorite flooring selections and design tips, check out our Pinterest page and follow us on Instagram. XO|LU