Houston’s Wallpaper Artists: Olivia + Poppy

Interior Design

Wallpaper is one of my favorite ways to make an unexpected statement. It instantly transforms a space with a dash of color or pattern. And whether you’re looking for something hand-painted, geometric or in a whimsical print, there’s a wallpaper design for you.

One of the wallpapers we especially love and have used in several of our past projects is from Olivia + Poppy. Their bold and elegant wallcoverings blend classic designs with current trends to create something truly eye-catching. The designs are perfect for creating cool kids rooms and chic powder rooms.

Gorgeous dining area wallpaper from Olivia + Poppy in Houston

I was drawn to Olivia + Poppy because of their creative vision and the huge role family plays in their business. And I love that their kiddos have inspired some of the designs in the collection. Laura U is also a family run business and many of our interiors are designed for families. Creating livably luxurious interiors is so important to us. Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Jamie Graney and Tina Silvestri of Olivia + Poppy. I recently had the opportunity to chat with these ladies about their creative process and how their children influence their designs.

LU: Jamie, you are the CEO and Founder. What led you to create Olivia + Poppy? JG: I have been involved in the production aspect of commercial interiors for almost 18 years. I’ve worked with many applications to transform a space for my corporate clients but was truly drawn to wallpaper. It can bring to life even the smallest of spaces. Through my experience and passion for the application, Olivia + Poppy was born.

LU: Tina, you are the Creative Director for Olivia + Poppy. With so many different wallpaper designs, where do you find your inspiration? TS: I find a lot of inspiration in my everyday life, sometimes in the oddest places. I travel a lot and am always inspired by different cities, cultures and traditions. I love to visit museums, art galleries and home design outlets. I’m also a fashion junkie so I can’t help but be influenced by all the latest collections. The parallel world of fashion and interior design often inspire each other. I’m fascinated by both worlds! LU: When you are designing a new wallpaper, what 3 things do you consider most? TS: The 3 things I consider most when designing a new wallpaper are: 1) Is it a repeatable pattern? If not, will it be a fantastic wall mural? 2) Color! What’s the next color trend? 3) Is it different and unique?

Repeatable patterns in action, from wallpaper design co. Olivia + Poppy.

LU: At Laura U, family is at the center of our livably luxurious designs. We design for a lot of families! And I’m always thinking of my daughters whenever we design kids rooms. You both have children. What influence do they have on your creative process? JG: My children are at the center of why I chose to venture down this path. You can find references to them throughout the brand. When my daughter was born, I remember working with our team to design a paper specifically for her nursery. I love looking back and seeing her name attached to some of those designs. My sons have such different ideas from a creative perspective. They’re never shy to give their opinions about what is new and fresh that we should consider. I love hearing their thoughts and knowing that they’re inspired by what we are doing. TS: My children are polar opposites in every way! It’s interesting because they help me see things in very different perspectives. It’s a lot of ying and yang!

Love the contrast of this wallpaper against the gray sofa!

LU: If you could give our readers just one piece of design advice, what would it be? JG: One piece of advice I would give to readers would be to not be afraid to standout or be unique. TS: My design advice would be to incorporate what you LOVE. If you love it, you’ll make it work and that will be your unique ‘thing’. LU: Outside of Olivia + Poppy, what are your creative outlets? TS: My creative outlets are wardrobe planning and editing and helping friends with wardrobes and interior design.

Muchos besos in this fun wallpaper from Olivia + Poppy.

LU: Olivia + Poppy partners with the Thirst Project, and we know that solving the global water crisis is very important to you. How did you get involved? TS: I’ve been involved with the Thirst Project for 6 years and have been an active board member for going on 5 years now. A while back I attended an informal event and heard Seth Maxwell, Founder of the Thirst Project speak. Everything he said about the global water crisis struck a chord with me. I’m literally addicted to water. I don’t go anywhere without my water bottle and I couldn’t fathom the thought of being without it! Shortly after the event, I attended their annual gala. After spending more time with Seth and others in the organization, I was asked to join the board. It’s a huge honor to be more involved with the Thirst Project and to help bring safe, clean drinking water to those without it. It has been one of the most rewarding journeys of my life.

We love black and white wallpaper, courtesy of Olivia + Poppy.

My personal favorites in the Olivia + Poppy collection are their black and whites. This timeless combination works with every interior design style, and it activates color making them really pop! About Olivia + Poppy Through their collection of carefully designed wall coverings selected for unique individuals, Olivia + Poppy bring high quality design, artistry and creativity to any space. Inspired by life’s patterns, these wall coverings are bold, elegant and meant to stand out. Each piece is designed to catch the viewers attention and invite them into your story. All images courtesy of Olivia + Poppy.