3 Reasons to Love Hanging Chairs in 2019

Interior Design

Two things I love are fabulous statement chairs and romantic designs. One of the pieces that brings these two loves together in a unique way is the hanging chair. It’s a versatile chair you can use in your kids’ bedrooms or outside on your veranda. Just not the same piece, please!

A hanging chair adds a touch of whimsy and playfulness that instantly catches your eye when you walk in the room. Plus, the cocoon-like shape creates a cozy space that’s perfect for curling up with a great book.

1 – Hang onto the Hanging Chair Trend

Hanging chairs and rattan were two big trends at the 2018 fall High Point Market. And I saw them again in Las Vegas. I saw rattan on everything from lampshades and ottomans to accessories and of course, hanging chairs. Adding rattan elements into your design is a great way to add warmth, texture and make the space feel more relaxed and casual.

During the Best of the West panel at Las Vegas Market, rattan came up as one of the quintessentially Cali-cool pieces that define West Coast design. There is, however, a really fine balance between going too boho (a trend the entire panel would like to see disappear) and achieving that elevated casual vibe sophisticated West Coast design is known for.

One of the top reasons to love rattan this year is that it is a simple way to incoroporate a trend, while remaining effortless. The 70s chic style is really trending right now. You can mix rattan with other natural elements like wood, wool, and sheepskin. It looks beautiful with cream and beige tones, neutral colors, and provides a relaxed neutral against all shades of green. It’s perfect for those who have tastes that are natural and modern.

2 – Hanging chairs in kids rooms create space and add function

It’s important to be intentional about the design of kids’ rooms. They’re usually smaller and can get crowded quickly. Using elevated seating like a hanging chair is the perfect way to create more space in their bedrooms without overcrowding them.

A hanging rattan chair is one of those pieces that transitions easily from nursery to teenage years. This white Serena & Lily hanging rattan chair we used in this girl’s bedroom was a perfect place to serenade a fussy toddler, and in a few years, will make a great place to read.

Since it’s close to the window seat, this hanging chair creates a conversation zone without the visual (and physical!) clutter of a chair on the floor. The result: a bright, airy space that she’ll be able to use for years to come.

A hanging rattan chair is a functional piece to add to your child’s nursery. This egg-shaped chair above is again, a great transitional piece that works for lulling babies to sleep one year, and equally useful for teenage “chill out” afternoons. What I like about this space most, in particular, is that the elevated positioning creates a clean line of site across the ground, making the space look and feel larger.

Design is at its best when it is both beautiful and useful. With a hanging chair you don’t have to sacrifice the functionality of a standard rocking chair, and you have something visually stunning that grows with your children.

When using a hanging chair, there are two things you want to keep in mind:

  1. You want to make sure it’s properly secured to the ceiling.
  2. You must ensure that the connecting rope is the correct length.

Having the connecting rope at the correct length ensures that sitting in the chair is as comfortable as possible. If the rope is too long or too short, it makes getting in and out of the hanging chair difficult.

3 – Hanging chairs are versatile for adult spaces too

Hanging chairs are versatile pieces you can use both indoors and outside. You can hang them from a tree in your backyard or on your front porch. Or if you’re looking for a hanging chair that accommodates multiple people, try a floating bed. It’s perfect for your outdoor patio or deck. It instantly upgrades your lounging experience and is fabulous if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining.

I love this indoor/outdoor hanging bed we used in our client’s backyard. It’s the perfect place to stretch out and relax and it provides plenty of seating when they have friends over for a BBQ. This hanging bed is a versatile piece that works with any backyard design style.

Or you can do something unexpected and incorporate a hanging bed in a guestroom. In this Moroccan inspired bedroom, we used this hanging bed with heavy fringe rope. The rope frame brings in a textural element and makes the bedroom feel exotic. The hanging bed compliments the room’s overall style and adds more visual interest that a standard bed frame.

A hanging chair or bed is an eye-catching and playful way to make a statement, bring in texture, and incorporate seating in a space. Whether you include a hanging chair in your nursery or in your child’s bedroom, it provides a cozy space to relax. Your family and friends will love being swept off their feet into a hanging chair. And don’t be surprised if they want to relax in the hanging chair all day long!

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