Guest Post: JoyBox Flowers Brings the Bloom to Houston


To me, flowers are more than something beautiful to look at. They’re perfect for adding a pop of color to your coffee table and for creating elegant tablescapes. (I never host a soiree at home without including some fresh blooms on the table.) And the team and I always make sure there are flowers waiting for our clients at their big reveal.

The only drawback to fresh flowers is that they don’t last forever. So when Letecia shared JoyBox Flowers as her December obsession, I immediately fell in love and had to check them out for myself. JoyBox Flowers is a Houston-based florist specializing in beautiful, luxurious arrangements. They’re known for their Everlasting Floral collection which lasts for over a year without water! Seriously, their arrangements smell and look just as beautiful as they did the day you got them. light and dark pink roses with greenery in white ceramic vase Pink everlasting rose arrangement in acrylic container from JoyBox flowers

I had the pleasure of experiencing the beauty of a JoyBox arrangement for myself when we collaborated with them recently. We gave away a stunning coral Everlasting Garden Box in celebration of a huge Laura U Instagram milestone. Today, I’m excited to have Layla on the journal sharing all about JoyBox Flowers.

LU: What’s the inspiration for your business?

JB: My inspiration for JoyBox Flowers has always been to create beautiful floral arrangements in equally beautiful packaging. I wanted to create a product that was unlike anything available in Houston at the time. I thought that it was time to update the traditional floral arrangement in a vase and bring something new to Houston. We started with custom wooden boxes and have grown the collection to so much more.

mixed garden floral arrangement from JoxBox flowers with ranunculus, anemone, and roses brightly colored flowers surrounding a gold framed pin board with inspiration images

LU: What kinds of florals do you have in your own home? Which is your favorite collection of florals?

JB: On Fridays, I like to take home “leftover flowers”. If I can snag a peony, that would be my choice. Coral charm peonies are absolutely magical. I also love garden roses, ranunculus, and brightly colored hydrangeas.

LU: When somebody comes into the shop and they have no idea what to buy, what do you recommend?

JB: We use the container as the foundation for the design. I always ask them what type of box they prefer – a wooden box, a hat box, or an acrylic box. Then we build the arrangement from there. I personally love our Tabletop Box because the size allows us to really have fun with the design.

arrangement of red roses in a heart shaped container from JoyBox Flowers white roses with lavender buds in a white wood box tied with a bow

LU: We’re really Houston-proud. You’re a Houston-based business, what are some of your favorite places in Houston? (It can be a restaurant, boutique, anything!)

JB: I love Heritage Macarons, Da Marco Italian Restaurant, Crave Cupcakes, and Paloma Nail Salon.

LU: Maybe it’s magic, but what makes your Everlasting Flowers everlasting?

JB: Unicorn tears! Our Everlasting roses are cut and preserved in a proprietary solution that keeps them looking and feeling fresh and soft. They’re dyed to give them really vibrant colors. It’s one of our favorite products because we can ship them nationwide. That means our customers outside of Houston can also have a JoyBox!

JoyBox floral arrangement on white bookshelf with colorful accessories

When the Laura U Instagram reached 100k followers we knew we had to do a little something to celebrate. JoyBox graciously came forward to provide a lovely everlasting bouquet to our IG contest winner. It was hard letting that arrangement go! These beautiful blooms are the perfect finishing touch for your home or office. We love the fabulous arrangement JoyBox gifted us to celebrate the completion of our studio renovation. It adds the perfect pop of color! I can’t wait to visit the JoyBox Flowers studio next time I need a gorgeous arrangement.

Guest Post - Joybox Brings the Bloom to Houston | Laura U Interior Design