Guest Blog Post: Q & A with Big Ass Fans


The hot and humid Houston weather makes ceiling fans a necessity. However, I’ll admit I didn’t love them until recently. Most of the time they’re too loud and take away from the ambiance in the room. Then I came across Big Ass Fans when we were renovating the Boulevard Show House.

But don’t let the name trick you into thinking it’s just another fan company with a cheeky (get it?) name. These guys are professionals and have over two decades of airflow research and expertise.

Based in Lexington, Kentucky, Big Ass Fans started out producing commercial fans. They quickly realized that homeowners wanted a different kind of ceiling fan, so they adapted their design to work in residential spaces. Soon, their new Haiku fan was named ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient ceiling fan.

After experiencing these revolutionary fans for myself, I immediately fell in love with their incredible and innovative designs. I couldn’t believe how efficient and quiet the fans were. Now I have a Big Ass Fan in just about every room of my home!

Today I’m exited to have the Big Ass Fans team on the journal to share more about their incredible fans.

LU: You create fans for so many types of public spaces: aircraft hangars, gyms, and schools, just to name a few. How does that translate to your fans for the home?

BAF: We’re committed to providing world-class comfort for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a large diameter industrial manufacturing fan or a fully loaded, smart tech driven Haiku fan for your living room. For us, it’s all about form and function. It’s about providing for workers with our big fans and delivering beautifully crafted comfort for the home with our residential line.

LU: I hate fans that make too much noise. And Big Ass Fans are silent! How do you make your fans so quiet?

BAF: Customers shouldn’t have to compromise. You can get the airflow you need and the design and operation you want. With our fans, there’s no wobble and there’s no noise. Our Haiku Home fan is handcrafted and hand balanced in Lexington, Kentucky. The care and commitment to quality is felt and seen, not heard.

LU: Your fans automatically change based on room conditions, which is important for us here in hot, humid Houston. How do you do this?

BAF: Our SenseMe technology can read temperature and humidity. Coupled with an occupancy sensor and comfort presets, the Haiku fan can determine if it needs to turn on, speed up or slow down. This allows it to maximize energy efficiency. When used in conjunction with Nest learning thermostats, Ecobee, and automation control systems, it’s simple to generate savings while being completely immersed in comfort.

LU: What other cool technologies do you have in the works at Big Ass Fans?

BAF: Our newest Big Ass Fan blends the look of one of our best selling commercial fans with the smart tech of the Haiku. It’s available in 60 inches, 72 inches, and 84 inches and four finish options (matte black, matte white, brushed aluminum, and oil rubbed bronze). It features our SenseME technology in the Bluetooth remote control. The optional LED light kit is dimmable and color temperature adjustable from just below 3,000K to 6,000K. Just like Haiku, it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands.

LU: Aircraft-grade aluminum is one of the materials that you use. What does aircraft-grade mean? What other materials do you use?

BAF: Our finish options bring “premium” into the design. It’s a look that matches the premium performance of the products we sell. In addition to our anodized aluminum finishes on Haiku, we offer a sustainable Moso bamboo.

LU: What is the “whoosh” setting?

BAF: It’s the pinnacle of performance. When you want to feel a unique rush of air, turn it to “whoosh”. It’ll deliver elevated air speed unlike anything on the market.

LU: How can you customize your fans?

BAF: There are nine airfoil finish options and a handful of hardware finishes available for the Haiku fan. The options are endless for customers to create their picture perfect fan. And thanks to their direct drive motors and aesthetic, our larger commercial fans can be used in residential settings as well. They come in a range of standard color finishes. But if you have a unique color you want to use, we can create a custom statement fan for your space.

With Big Ass Fans, you don’t have to sacrifice performance for style. These fans beautifully blend cutting edge technology with iconic designs that can be used anywhere in your home. Thank you Big Ass Fans for giving us an inside look at the technology behind your fabulous fans!

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All images courtesy of Big Ass Fans