Our favorite accessories for styling bookcases


After all the furniture, rugs and wallcoverings have been installed, there’s one more thing you need to do – accessorize! Accessories, especially in bookcases, are a must. It creates another dimension to the design when you layer in objects of different heights, shapes, textures, and sizes. They’re the perfect finishing touch and elevate the space by adding unique, fun and personal details.

Our go-to accessories include coffee table books or collected books, bookends, photographs, frames, vases and cool geometrics.

Our favorite accessories for styling bookcases

Finishing Touches

But just remember that these items are not the focal point. They’re selected to further mix your personality into the room. So showcase your book collections with structural bookends or mix in some metallic geometric sculptures. It adds depth and interest allowing your eye to travel around the space.

Our favorite accessories for styling bookcases

And don’t be afraid to take it one step further! Wallpaper the backs of the bookcases. It’s unexpected, adds texture and is a fun way to create more dimension within the small space.

Our favorite accessories for styling bookcases

The most important thing to remember is to make it fun, unique and all about YOU! I hope this has inspired you to take a look at the bookcases in your house. For more design tips and bookcase inspiration, visit us on Pinterest or check out our Instagram.


Our Picks:

Bookends via  Mecox and John Richard

Frame from Longoria Collection

Boxes from Made Goods

Vases via Jonathan Adler and Made Goods

Geometrics from Mecox