While I may not look like I am stepping off a runway on the daily, I love keeping tabs on the fashion industry. Haute couture and interior design have so much in common, so having an eye on the latest trends and colors is super important for a designer.

I recently saw this article on the 8 hottest colors for fall and couldn’t agree more! So today I want to share 4 of my favorite colors I’ve seen popping up on the runways and in some of our current design projects.


Thanks to rich, saturated hues like fuschia, pink isn’t just for little girls. It’s a chic statement color that has been on trend for a decade. Choosing something as powerful as this pink can be intimidating though, so the key is to pair it with more neutral colors.

This room works because it incorporates the bookmatched wood grain sideboard. This elegant piece elevates the entire space while the chairs make it obvious that the homeowner doesn’t take herself to seriously.

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Scout Design Studio


Like black and white, silver and gold are classic metallics you can incorporate into any space. Gold is perfect for creating a luxe and sophisticated space, while silver gives it a more contemporary, edgy feel. While you can go big with your metallics and use a gorgeous light fixture in the room, you don’t have to make it the focal point. Even the smallest metallic accent pieces can transform an area.

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Earthy Browns

This may have to do with the fact that I have red hair and earth tones are my jam. Brown, cognac, clay pink and java are some of my all time favorite colors and they are back in a big way! I absolutely love this earthy brown space we designed for one of our clients – who is also a red head. The space is inspired by her travels and collections from around the world. Using the rich, earthy tones really brought out the history and story behind all the places she and her hubby had visited and pieces they collected along the way.

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Black is a dramatic color, but I think blue can be just as powerful. Whether it’s used in fashion or in an interior, this regal color demands attention. It’s a great alternative to the traditional black and you can really play with this color in your textiles and accent pieces.

Fashionable Fall Interior

Amanda Nesbit

I love when fashion and interior design collide. Whether it’s clothing or your home interior, when you like what you like, don’t be afraid to show it off! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite color for fall is.