There are so many ways you can add drama to a room. A fabulous light fixture, a gorgeous piece of art or a bold ceiling color can be just what the space needs. But have you ever thought about using a floor mirror? 

floor length mirror, entry way, Mustard sitting area

Though mirrors are typically used in bedrooms and bathrooms, I like using them in larger, more unconventional spaces like entryways, living rooms and hallways. They help open up the room and give the illusion of more space.

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One of the things I love most about mirrors is how versatile they are. They can stand on their own, be layered in with art or set behind a table. Some are meant to be hung, while others can lean up against the wall. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so it’s easy to find a mirror to match any style.
floor length mirror, Living room, warm tones

But with so many choices, it can get a little overwhelming. So today I want to dive into the different types of mirrors and share some tips to help you select the best mirror for your space.

There are three types of mirrors: leaning, traditional and Cheval. Leaning mirrors are meant to be leaned up against a wall, usually behind furniture. Traditional floor mirrors provide a head to toe view of the space and help draw your eye up to create the illusion of taller ceilings. Cheval floor mirrorsare suspended on a frame with feet and can be tilted at an angle.
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When thinking about mirrors, it’s important to take into consideration the room where the mirror will be placed. A larger mirror can make things appear larger simply because of its scale, so you want to make sure the mirror you choose is proportional to the space. You also want to think about how full the room is already, if it would make the space feel larger or if it can be used to fill an empty wall space.
floor length mirror, rustic mirror, farmhouse design
Once you’ve decided on the type of mirror you need, then you can think about the style. You want to select a color, shape and style of mirror that represents the rest of your home. Rectangular and round mirrors are the most common. But if you’re looking for a mirror that will draw your eye to the wall, you can always opt for an oval mirror or an arch mirror.
floor length mirror, elegant bathroom, sitting area

Ornate or carved frames are a classic, more traditional mirror style. Mirrors with simple lines or ones made with unusual materials have a more modern and contemporary feel to them. And distressed or whimsical framed mirrors tend to create a more eclectic or farmhouse vibe.

The key to choosing the perfect mirror for your space is to pinpoint your style. But no matter what type, style, shape or size mirror you use, I don’t think you can ever go wrong by adding a dramatic floor mirror to your space!

What’s your favorite mirror style? Be sure let me know in the comments below!