Designing your new home from afar

Designing from afar, Laura U interior Design

As one of the most diverse cities in the country, Houston is a place families from all over the world call home. The appeal of homes on large lots with gorgeous details and tons of room, has surprisingly, brought quite a few NYC and Manhattan transplants to the area. But when you think about moving and designing your new home on top of that, it can be so stressful!

The good news is that it can easily be done and we’re here to help! If you’re relocating to Houston, Laura U can help you from day one, and can even connect you with a top Houston realtor to assist you in finding your perfect home. That way all you have to do when you arrive in Houston is bring your toothbrush!

Designing your new home. Deep Purple Sitting Room, Neutral Furniture

At Laura U, we work on interior projects for clients worldwide and are well-versed in long-distance design relationships. We structure our process to make sure our team over communicates on everything so you know the little details won’t get lost in the cracks, even when we’re working virtually.

Whether you’re moving from the Big Apple and bringing along just a few furnishings or moving a whole house, we’ll help you coordinate it. We often visit our client’s current home or apartment to inventory their furnishings so we’re able to include them in our designs for the new space. This visit gives us the opportunity to get to know the client, determine what pieces will work in their home and get a full picture of the new items we’ll need to search for or design for their new interior.

Design your new home

And location isn’t a problem. Our team sources fabrics, materials and furnishings from all over the country (and even internationally!), so we’re never limited to using certain local brands or products specific to one area. We also have the ability to create custom furnishings designed to fit your space perfectly and have them delivered directly to your home – whether that’s in Houston or out-of-state. So no matter what pieces you need for your new home, we’ll make sure they’re ready for you when you arrive.

Long Oak Dining Room Table, Lavender Curtains, Chandler, Laura U Interior Design

Our studio is set up to hold detailed presentations no matter where you are so you know exactly what to expect from your design. But if you can’t meet with us in the studio, don’t worry! We often Skype with our clients during our design presentations or FaceTime during site walkthroughs if we’re unable to be together during the whole process.

With Laura U, you have a dedicated team of designers working on your project from the very beginning, ensuring that every detail is taken care of before you arrive in your new home. We understand there’s a lot of trust involved with designing for a client in another city (just ask our clients who have homes in Houston that we saw before they did!), but it can be done. My biggest piece of advice is to keep an open mind and trust the process!

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