9 Stair Runner Rugs to Obsess Over Right Now


When it comes to stairs, most people think of them as merely a place to get from the first floor to the second. But they are a blank canvas! They’re just waiting for someone to come in and dress them up. I give you: stair runner rugs worthy of every design fan’s obsession.

Stair runners are a functional, fun way to add personality to your entry foyer. Our portfolio showcases great examples of stair runners, particularly at Whitehill Estate.  I’m sure our client (the mama of 3 active athletes) is pretty happy too. Stair runners are great for absorbing sound and they help prevent slips and falls on the stairs, which is important for our clients with kiddos or pets.

Whether you’re working on remodel or a new construction project, a stair runner rug might be what your entry way needs. Here are the 9 stair runner rugs I’m obsessing over right now.

Yellow stair runner with grommet details

1. Barry Dixon Interiors via Chinoiserie Chic Blog

This bright yellow stair runner rug adds a beautiful pop of color to this entry way. It brings in a touch of natural texture that complements the stone and wood. I love the rivets along the edge, which ties in the stud detailing on the stair railing.

A Kelly Wearstler stair runner featured in Elle Decor

2. Kelly Wearstler via Elle Decor

Looking at this entry way almost makes you feel like you’re in a museum. The gorgeous statue and abstract accent wall immediately catch your eye. The contrast of the cream background of the stair runner rug helps lighten up the moodiness of the floor, trim, and stair color. Pairing it with a gold railing draws your eye upward and adds visual interest. The result is a striking and elegant entry.

A peacock tail feather stair runner - so chic!

3. Tail Feather stair runner rug from The Rug Company

If you’re looking for a colorful, whimsical stair runner rug, then the tail feather runner is perfect for you. The unique design and feminine heart detail add a touch of personality and visual interest. And the colors in the stair runner rug tie in the art work on the wall. This stair runner will be a surprise to your guests as they climb the stairs.

Animal print stair runner up a curved staircase

4. Animal print stair runner rug

The warm wood flooring and crisp white walls are the perfect backdrop for this animal print stair runner rug. The colors in the stair runner pick up the brown tones of the wood and the carpet adds an element of softness. It’s a fun way to make a statement without using vibrant colors.

A Kelly Wearstler stair runner and colorful designer shoes

5. Kelly Wearstler design

This entry way is daring and oh-so-playful. Delicate curls in the stair railing and the salmon color on the wall give it a feminine vibe. But the bold, graphic print of the stair runner adds depth and edginess to the design. It provides a beautiful contrast to the curves in the railing and on the wall. The gold anchor rods bring in a luxe touch and gives your eye somewhere to land. It’s the perfect balance of masculine and feminine styles.

Clean-lined stair runner in a traditional home

6. Fleetwood Fox stair runner rug image via Instagram

This all white stair case provides the perfect backdrop for this geometric stair runner rug. The light blue and pale green color palette give it an energizing vibe and the wool fabric adds warmth and texture. The vertical lines in the design draw your eye up. And the gold anchor rods break up the pattern so it doesn’t overwhelm your eye. It’s a clean, fresh stair runner that’s perfect for a beach house or country home.

A Matt Camron stair runner on hardwoods

7. Matt Camron stair runner rug image via Instagram

I love how this diamond patterned sisal stair runner rug pairs with this delicate floral wallpaper. The stair runner picks up the browns and creams used in the wallpaper and gives the space a warm, inviting feel. The natural texture of the sisal provides a beautiful contrast to the more feminine vibe of the wallpaper. The floral pattern paired with a natural texture and earthy color palette is a fabulous way to bring the outdoors in.

Gray stair runner from Unique Carpets, design by Laura U

8. Gray stair runner rug by Unique Carpets

Gray and white is a grounding neutral color palette that won’t go out of style. The two-tone gray stair runner rug adds visual texture and the clean stripe on the edge gives it a contemporary vibe. Pairing it with dark wood floors adds warmth and richness to the entry way. This neutral, yet sophisticated space welcomes guests and makes them instantly feel at home.

Custom-designed stair runner from Custom Flooring, design by Laura U

9. Custom stair runner rug from Creative Flooring

Black and white is one of my favorite color combinations. It’s sophisticated, timeless, and perfect for making a statement. The linear design of this custom crossed stair runner rug provides a glamorous contrast to the delicate curves in the stair railing. The result is a bold and dramatic entry way.

Stair Runner Rugs Instantly Elevate a Space

Stair runner rugs are not only functional, they’re a fabulous way to add personality to the space. You can use them to add a pop of color, a touch of pattern or a dash of texture. You can use stair runner rugs in a bold print to make a statement. Or in a neutral color palette to make the entry way feel welcoming and inviting.

The options are endless, but if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for you can always have a custom stair runner made. Some of our go-to partners for designing custom stair runner rugs in Houston include Hokanson, Madison Lily Rugs, and Kyle Bunting. No matter which stair runner you choose to incorporate into your design, make sure it shows off your personality.

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