Color Trend of the Season: Fall Pastels


The long-awaited fall season is here and things are looking a little different around the Laura U studio. Instead of the deep, more conventional hues like earthy browns and burgundy that usually dominate fall color palettes, we’re seeing softer, pastel pigments take center stage. 

Gorgeous Autumnal Pastels Chosen by Laura U Interior Design
Abundant in the spring and summer, paler tones are often regarded as young, feminine, or dainty. However, these autumnal pastels are proving they can provide depth and substance to any interior without making it feel too delicate. Since a fresh palette has the power to transform any space, I’m sharing my top fall pastel paints from our friends at Benjamin Moore!
Laura U's Top Fall Pastel Paints from Benjamin Moore
Brickyard Clay – A beautiful color that plays off of the rich reds used in 18th-century wallpaper.
Olive Branch – A perfect match for earthy browns, this tone shows how warm pastels can be.
Mauve Desert – A purple hue that mixes well with other neutrals like softer grays and creams.
Sonoma Clay – A blend of pink and gray, this sophisticated neutral is anything but traditional.

Why I love fall pastels 

Paint is one of the simplest ways to update an interior. And what I love about these fall pastels is how versatile they are. So I’m not surprised we’re seeing them in a few of our current projects! Our clients are attracted to these warm pastels, especially the earthy green tones, which we love.
These rich tones are inviting and mix well with other neutrals like grays and creams. But they’re also gorgeous on their own and show how you can use softer colors to make a design statement.
Fall Pastel that will transform your home, chosen by Laura U Interior Design

Where to add pastel paints

These colors work well in any room, which makes them ideal for someone who wants to add color but still have the space feel sophisticated and serene. I love the Olive Branch for a family room or kitchen because it gives it a cozy feel. And the Mauve Desert or Sonoma Clay would be perfect for a home office or a sitting room. The Brickyard Clay is a stunning option for a library or study and would definitely make it feel more intimate.

Tips for updating your paint color

If you aren’t ready to fully commit to painting an entire room in one of these colors, start with an accent wall. Using an accent wall gives the space a focal point and it’s a great way to get your feet wet when it comes to adding color to your interiors.
Accessories are another fun way to bring these fall pastels into your home. Decorative pillows or a luxe throw to your sofa are a simple way to add in color. Or you can integrate these pastels into your tabletop linens for a fall-inspired tablescape.
You can also bring autumnal pastels into your home by pairing them with a geometric print. The bolder print adds dimension and depth while the pastel keeps things light. By pairing the print with a more subdued tone, it prevents the two from competing with each other for attention.
Fall Pastels, chosen by Laura U Interior Design
I’m loving these softer pastels that are trending for fall right now! These colors invite you into the room and instantly make it feel warm and cozy. They’re perfect for those who want to bring in a little color to their interiors without using something bright or bold. And I’m excited to see how the design team incorporates these colors into our clients’ projects.
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