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Interior design is about so much more than just beautiful furnishings. We believe the objects we bring into our home tell our individual story. That the furnishings, photographs on the wall, and collections on the shelf create a backdrop to the memories we make. But, what is collected interior design? For us, interior design is about creating a carefully curated, collected space that showcases your most loved pieces. The beauty of a collected interior design comes from using pieces from different time periods and design styles. Everything from mid-century mod to clean-lined contemporary, antiques, Moroccan, and chinoiserie can all tell your story.

When our team meets with clients for the first time, we always ask about their collections and about any special pieces they have. These pieces are unique to you and your family, and we love weaving heirloom and multigenerational pieces, collections, and antiques into our designs.

However, we know not everyone has these pieces, so here are a few tips on how to can create your own collected interior design.

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If you don’t currently have any pieces passed down from previous generations or from your world travels, that’s okay. You can add pieces to your collection as a way to create rich, layered interiors. This will leave a feeling that the items have been collected over time by several generations. When selecting heirloom style pieces to add to your collected interior design, look for pieces made with high-quality upholstery and case goods that will last a lifetime.

You can also start your own collection based on what you’re passionate about. One of our clients collects vintage typewriters, and another collects vintage maps. We’ve found beautiful fine cut crystal drink ware at The Guild Shop in Houston.

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Antiques are another great way to add a generational feel to your interior. When working with our clients to source antique pieces, I look for pieces with interesting details and unique features. Some of our favorite pieces include a fabulous table base from Carl Moore Antiques made from young joined tree trunks in a gray wash. This was found in a barn in the south of France! We also found a set of 16 lithographs of Marsupials in their original gold leafed bamboo frames – such an incredible find!

We also love scouring online sources like 1st Dibs and Viyet for antique pieces for our clients. There are wonderful places like John Salibello in New York City and Blackman Cruz and Downtown in Los Angeles that we love visiting. But when we’re sourcing French antiques, our favorite place to go is Marburger Farm Antiques at Round Top. Laura found a well-used, but much loved butcher block table that has moved with her 3 times!

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Just because you don’t have to have a huge collection of antiques or family heirlooms doesn’t mean you can’t have a Collected Interior. There are plenty of fabulous places to find beautiful pieces to create a space that has a feeling of being collected over time. And those pieces you add could very well become family heirlooms for future generations!

We love hearing the stories behind our client’s favorite pieces and I want to hear about yours. Do you have a niche for world travel finds or some incredible family pieces? Let me know in the comments below.

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