Celebrate Her! Our Thoughtful 2023 Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Maybe you plan to celebrate your own mom this Mother’s Day. Or perhaps you’d like to honor your wife, partner, aunt, grandmother, friend, or another influential woman in your life. Regardless, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to express our gratitude and love for the women who make such an impact on us. If searching for a thoughtful gift to accompany a meaningful gesture, read on for our recommendations. Whether the mom in your life is an avid reader or a fabulous hostess, find something special in our 2023 Mother’s Day Gift Guide.


Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023

There’s nothing wrong with the classic Mother’s Day gift: delicate jewelry, fresh flowers, and a handwritten card from the kids. But for many of us, this has turned into a “rinse and repeat” approach to gifting.

The best Mother’s Day gifts consider her hobbies, passions, and plans for the future. They make her daily life easier with a touch of luxury.

Does the mom in your life enjoy hiking on the weekends or swimming before work? Is she creative in the kitchen? Does she travel often, but frequently finds it stressful? Has she been hoping for an evening to herself, or does she love to entertain?

As you read through our 2023 Mother’s Day Gift Guide, we hope you find the inspiration you need this year! But no matter what you choose to gift the mom who matters so much to you, focus on making her feel appreciated and understood.

Happy Mother’s Day!


For the Book-Loving Mom

Celebrate Her! Our Thoughtful 2023 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner

Bring the tissues on this one! Zauner recalls the last months of her mother’s life in tender detail. From their close bond in her adolescence to their estrangement in her young adulthood, Zauner holds nothing back in this memoir. Zauner sets the book against a complex backdrop of finding her Korean identity and keeping it through food. This book will make you want you to reconnect with who you truly are.

This memoir takes readers on a journey through Zauner’s life. It examines her experiences growing up as a Korean-American in Oregon and the loss of her mother to cancer. Zauner also recalls her exploration of identity through music. Along with personal anecdotes, Crying in H Mart also includes recipes inspired by Zauner’s upbringing and travels.

Customized Leather Bookmarks from Etsy

Shop small this Mother’s Day! Find personalized leather bookmarks to pair with Crying in H Mart or another special book on Etsy. Two of our favorites are ColectivoLeather and ThePerfectHearts.

With a clean, minimalistic profile, bookmarks from ColectivoLeather are made from full-grain Buttero Italian leather. Customize a bookmark from ColectivoLeather with embossed initials or “MOM.”

For an elegant bookmark that’s basically jewelry for your novel or nonfiction read of the month, consider a page holder from ThePerfectHearts. These bookmarks are hand-crafted from Tuscan shell cordovan leather, and topped with an engraved metal clip.



For the Mom Who Travels Often

for the mom who travels often: a face massager and a carry-on suitcase

Therabody Theraface Pro

To treat a mom who travels often, we recommend the Therabody Theraface Pro. This neat little device is just the thing for winding down while traveling away on business.

Unlike other facial devices, Therabody’s Theraface Pro is actually FDA-cleared. With a bunch of different settings for a wide variety of treatments, Theraface can kill bacteria, encourage collagen production, and help with lymphatic drainage.

According to Haley Sprankle in her review for Wired, this device is worth the money “if you get regular facials or do multiple in-home treatments.” Regular use left Sprankle’s face softer, smoother, and with “a lot more color.”

Aviator Carry-On from Paravel

Pack her Theraface Pro in an Aviator carry-on from Paravel. Made from sustainable materials like recycled polycarbonate and aluminum, this carry-on is as eco-friendly as it is stylish. We love the fluted body and modern colorways. (Fluted detailing was on our 2021 list of High Point Market trends!) For short trips, this carry-on is perfect. It fits up to four days worth of clothes and shoes.


For the Health-Conscious Mom Who Loves a Mocktail

for the mom who loves a mocktail: glassware and herbal tinctures

For many of us, the stress of economic uncertainty and isolation of sheltering in place led to a couple of extra drinks per week — or more! During the COVID-19 pandemic, over 60% of participants in a cross-sectional survey “reported that their drinking had increased compared to before.”

If the mom in your life has decided to curb her post-pandemic alcohol consumption, help her make her own mocktails. Pick a few tinctures or herbal mixtures from Apothekary, and add a set of coupe or highball glasses.


Take the Edge Off Herbal Tincture from Apothekary

According to the company’s website, Shizu Okusa founded Apothekary to address gaps in our approach to healthcare. She wanted to provide consumers with “preventative forms of treatment” instead of reactive.

With the tenants of Japanese Kampo Medicine, Ayurveda, and TCM in mind, Okusa started Apothekary. Her science-backed, tradition-rich take on herbal remedies makes for healing mocktails that support critical systems within the body.

Take the Edge Off and Stop Your Wine-Ing are two of our favorites, so check out the company’s Blissed Over Buzzed Set. With motherwort, jujube dates, MCT oil, acai and aronia berries, Stop Your Wine-Ing is packed with antioxidants. It tastes great when mixed with cranberry juice.

Take the Edge Off contains nervine herbs to aid sleep and calm the mind. It’s a bit sweet, and pairs well with citrus. In addition to their white and red wine dupes, Apothekary also offers herbal mixtures for stress, skincare, energy, gut health, and postnatal support. Take a class with their experts for mocktail recipes and to learn more about appropriate dosage.

Ramona Coupe Glasses from Anthropologie & Ombre Amethyst Highball Glasses from St. Frank

Every mocktail deserves a pretty presentation! Complete your Mother’s Day mocktail mixing gift set with serving glasses from Anthropologie or St. Frank. These hand-blown Ramona Coupe Glasses from Anthropologie are available in three colorways. We particularly love the smoked glass look of the pink version.

The Ombre Amethyst Highball glasses from St. Frank were hand-crafted by a family-owned company in Hidalgo, Mexico. Scroll to the bottom of the landing page if you prefer the Green, Clear, or Blue colorways.

Both sets of glasses are delicately tinged with jewel tones, making them the perfect addition to any home bar. Now the mom in your life will never miss out on the fun and fancy of creating delicious cocktails just because she’s taking a step back from alcohol.


For the Mom on the Go

for the mom on the go: a backpack and a laundry bag for wet suits

If the mom in your life enjoys a mid-day workout or prefers walking to work, gift her a hands-free backpack and dry bag. This Women’s Never Stop Utility Pack from The North Face is perfect for hitting the gym, taking a hike, camping, or traveling.

Attractive enough for toting to meetings, and roomy enough for all your workout gear, this backpack is the perfect companin. It has a zippered compartment along the bottom for a pair of shoes, and expandable pockets for two water bottles. This bag can fit a laptop too. Plus, the bottom is scratch-resistant, and a sternum strap makes the bag super comfortable to carry while hiking.

If the mom in your life swims or takes a sweaty workout class during the day, add the Rae Roll Top Dry Bag from Dagne Dover. This water-resistant bag separates sweaty towels and wet swimsuits from dry items.


For the Mom Who Deserves a Staycation

a pale green silk pajama set and a cashmere and cotton cardigan

Every mom deserves a vacation, but not everyone has the time or energy to travel abroad. Create a luxury staycation at home—or in a hotel nearby—with silk pajamas or a cozy cashmere cardigan.

From Town & Country to Vogue, you’ll find Olivia Von Halle silk pajamas and robes on every Mother’s Day gifting list. This Olivia Von Halle Coco Solid Silk Pajama Set from Neiman Marcus is classic and incredibly comfortable. We love the pale pistachio coloring!

Another option is this versatile recycled cotton and cashmere cardigan from La Ligne New York. Or send her on a trip of her own choosing by gifting travel points.


For the Mom Who Likes to Stand Out from the Crowd

a unique pearl ring with a black cage encircling the pearl

Does your mom love to stand out from the crowd with bold silhouettes, sculptural jewelry, and intriguing patterns? Look no further than the Descartes Pearl Ring from German Kabirski.

A stunning statement ring perfect for your mom’s next gala or fundraising event, this piece is quite the conversation starter. The pearl is delicately housed in this geometric cage. And the stark contrast of ivory and black is very trendsetting.


For the Mom Who Wears Many Hats

two western hats from a store in Aspen

From soccer coach on the weekend to executive during the week, moms wear many hats. To celebrate the many hats your mom wears, gift her a piece from Kemo Sabe.

Our friends at Kemo Sabe make beautiful stetsons that mom will want to take with her on her trips to Aspen, Jackson Hole, or anywhere in the West. Favorites include the Minturn Hat and the Gus Cowboy Hat, but all are beautifully made. Add a custom hat band for a really special touch.


For the Romantic

gorgeous flowers for mom

If the mom on your list this Mother’s Day is a romantic at heart, gift a gorgeous floral arrangement from our friends at Joybox. Everlasting roses are a constant reminder of just how treasured mom is.

No need to worry if your mom lacks a green thumb. These real cut Ecuadorian roses last a whole year without extra watering. Our team has worked with Joybox’s founder for photoshoots, and we adore her designs. Check out creative arrangements from Layla and her team on Instagram here.


For the Mom Who Loves to Entertain

an aesthetic blender with attachments in a cream color and beautiful handcrafted serving bowls in green and blue

Last but not least, gift the hostess who enjoys an aesthetically pleasing party one of the most beautiful blenders we have ever seen. This space-saving Beast Blender & Hydration System from Nordstrom is available in three colorways. But the off-white is our favorite.

Its slim profile, ribbed glass body, and sculptural base ensure that this blender will never be hidden in your day pantry. Amazing for making dips, margaritas, and more, this is an essential item for indoor-outdoor entertaining. Serve those dips in handmade porcelain serveware from Connor McGinn Studios.

Which gifts will find their way to your mom this Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!