I love wine cellars because they represent memories. The bottles that make up our client’s collections contain bottles collected from their travels around the world, wines enjoyed with friends and family or ones to celebrate a special occasion. Each bottle has a special memory. 

And just like the photographs from a family vacation or a special piece of art, the bottles in their collection deserve to be displayed in a special way too. So today I want to talk about three things to keep in mind when designing your wine cellar.



First and foremost, wine cellars need to be functional. As you think about your wine cellar, you want to make sure the space is easy to access and large enough to house your collection. The type of lighting you need and whether or not you want a space that’s temperature or humidity controlled are also important factors to consider.

Where your wine cellar is located in your home is also something important to think about. If you want to use the wine cellar for entertaining, you might want to put it close to your dining room for example. But if you decide to use it strictly for storage, it might be better tucked away next to your butler’s pantry or under the stairs. But just because your wine cellar is used for storage purposes, doesn’t mean it can’t be a gorgeous space!

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A wine cellar allows you to show off your collection and when done correctly, it can look like a work of art! All I can say it that there’s something breathtaking, yet subtle about a killer wine cellar.

If you’re looking for a more intimate space that keeps the focus on the wine, you might want to consider doing a more enclosed wine cellar. But if you want to give yourself a bit more space, an open concept wine cellar with room to display your collection and any wine crates, barrels or wine accessories you might have is a great option.



Your wine cellar can be a fabulous place for gathering when entertaining and makes for a beautiful addition to any home. It creates a gorgeous setting for a dinner party or cocktail hour. If you’ll be using the wine cellar for entertaining, you’ll want to make sure it’s large enough to include a seating area inside the cellar or located next to bar seating for your guests. A high cocktail table with chairs or an island with stools is a great way to add seating inside your wine cellar. A table with bar chairs or club chairs works well for seating outside the cellar.

A wine cellar serves many purposes. It gives you space to properly store your collection so you can enjoy it for years to come, it allows you to display your collection in a stunning way and can be the perfect spot for entertaining. Just remember, no matter how you choose to display your wine, the space should be designed to show off your personality and tell the story of your collection. For more wine cellar inspiration, follow us on Instagram.

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A great wine cellar starts with a great design.

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