7 Creative & Inspired Home Office Design Ideas

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A stylish home office with termporary wall covering and glass cabinets by Laura U

Whether you have a home office or just a desk, you want a stylish space that allows you to be focused, creative, and comfortable. Unfortunately, home offices can get messy and quickly become a place you can’t work in. However, with intentional planning and some personal touches, these home office design ideas will help you create a space that inspires you to work!

Where to Start

There are a lot of idea books out there that collect some of the most stylish home offices on the web. With the growing trend of remote work, your home office is one of the most important rooms in your house. Your home office should inspire you to complete your to-do list at an ease. This can be a serene and calm office for relaxing hours or a vibrant office space design for keeping you energized. You can have a dedciated room or a desk in a nook in your living room.

Today, we want to share some design secrets that we recommend personally to our clients. One of the benefits about having a home office is that you can design a working space that’s perfect for you. Instead of traditional office furniture, give yourself the option to use a chic office chair. Give yourself space on the wall to pin up samples, swatches, and important reminders. Or change the layout of a room completely, ensuring you have the custom-fit workspaces you need. Because this is your home and not a cubicle, you have the authority to make this space exactly what you need it to be.

With the growing trend of work from home in today’s world, home office is one of the most important rooms in your house. Your home office should inspire you to complete your to-do list at an ease. This can be a serene and calm office for relaxing hours or a vibrant office space design for keeping you energized. (Source: www.spacejoy.com)

First, the basics. Start with having as much natural light as possible. It keeps you focused and makes the space feel larger. Mix in some jewel tones or metals to give it a glamorous touch. Add a sofa or a lounge chair, so you have space to relax and take a break during the day. Bring in life with plants and florals. The most important thing about a home office design is to make sure it represents your tastes and working style. Having an office space you love makes working more enjoyable! Here are our 7 stylish secrets to help you create your perfect home office.

Home Office Design Idea #1: Get Organized with Smart Storage

Having an organized home office is key. No one works well in a messy, unorganized space. So don’t be afraid to get creative with your storage. Incorporate vertical and horizontal shelving and cabinetry to maximize your office organization. For a quick solution, floating shelves are perfect for decorating without taking up too much space. Their compact design and hidden brackets give the shelves a seamless look that instantly elevates your home office. It’s a great way to take advantage of space that often goes unused.

Use movable storage to keep your office as clean as possible. Place cabinets on casters, so it’s easy to slide things out of view when they aren’t in use. A clean and clutter-free home office inspires your creativity and makes you more productive! Make sure everything is labeled. Gorgeous labeling allows you to know what’s inside each box or drawer and makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. It ensures things get put back where they’re supposed to go, so you aren’t tempted to leave things out.

We recommend these fab finds below:

Floating shelves from Crate ad Barrel, labels from the Home Edit, and an acrylic table on casters from CB2

Floating shelves, CB2 | Labels, the Home Edit | Peekabo Rolling Shelves, CB2

Custom designed storage in your home office gives you the flexibility to organize the space according to your needs. We’ve worked with California Closets with great results. Great storage allows you to keep your work organized, but it also allows you the space to some of your favorite items. Here are our favorite custom storage options:

Home Office Idea #2: Upgrade your home office technology

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you sit down to work and realize you forgot to pair your phone to your bluetooth speaker. Or the room is too hot or cold. Or the lights aren’t dim or bight enough. Instead of getting up to make everything right, consider upgrading your home office technology. Give yourself the ability to control everything with a push of a button. Use a home automation system to play your favorite music, open the blinds, and turn on the fan when you walk into your office.

  • Install a Ring security system, so you can see who’s at the door without having to leave your desk.
  • Nest Hub with Google provides minimalist space for photos, while featuring the helpful Google Assistant. If you are easily distracted by internet access, keeping yourself to the hub is a must to keep focus.
  • At home and in the studio, Laura uses Sonos wireless speakers to play her favorite tunes to keep her productive throughout the day.
The Sonos and Nest by Google Hub

The Sonos | Google Nest Hub

Home Office Idea #3: Create focus spaces in your home office

When you’re designing your perfect home office, we always recommend space planning. This strategic process ensures the layout of your home office has a good flow. It helps you think about where the windows are and where the light is coming from. You don’t want to put your computer in a spot where it’s going to be difficult to see the screen late in the afternoon.

If you need to work at a desk, make sure it’s clear. Put all necessary tools within reach, but not in your line of sight. Frame this area of your home office with a fun wallpaper or have blank walls. Select a desk with a larger top if you’ll be laying out plans or need dual monitors. This gives you plenty of room to spread out and keeps your desk from feeling messy. We like a wooden desk to bring a grounding sense of nature to our work. Something sturdy, durable and perhaps in a vintage oak that helps us feel empowered to tackle toour-do list. At the studio, however, Laura has a white desk that keeps her mind clear.

Home Office Idea #4: Make a special place for things you collect, love, and treasure 

Your home office should be a space that allows you to focus and be productive. It’s intangible, but a lot can be said in support of a space with great energy. We stare at our computers for long stints, which has a negative impact on our eyes, our backs, and our productivity. Make sure that you’re standing up to take physical walking breaks. And in between, make sure to take a brief clarity break by moving your eyes away from the work. This is why designating special areas for your collections and personal items becomes crucial to your home office design. Intentionally make space for the things you love. Highlight your accomplishments by displaying your awards on a bookshelf with a few cherished books. Designate a shelf to showcase pieces you’ve collected on your travels.

Create a gallery wall with gorgeous family photos or hang your favorite pieces of art. Laura’s good friend, Anne Sage, recently updated her husband’s office, and it is a calm, serene dream. With all white book spines and gallery walls she curated, this office is most definitely a space that prioritizes both focus and personality.

A home office in Houston, with floral wallpaper and white cabinets

A close up of a home office in Houston, with accessories from World Market

A sophisticated and stylish home office with pink and orange hues, by Laura U

Home Office Idea #5: Choose the most comfortable chair possible 

home office chair is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your office, and arguably your home. But it doesn’t have to be the only chair in the room. Sometimes moving to another space in the home for a mental break can create a loss of focus. It is easy to be distracted as you move from one room to another. The next thing you know, you’re throwing in a load of laundry and tidying up the kitchen along the way. This is what Laura does, and for the most part, she appreciates that she can do all these things at once. But if this disrupts your flow, we have the answer. Add a fabulous accent chair to allow yourself to take a 15-minute break without leaving your home office. A beautiful chair or chaise lounge is perfect for giving yourself a space to relax inside your office.

Home Office Idea #6: Choose a signature scent for your home office

Scent is an essential part of our moods and emotions. They enhance an experience, help you recall special memories, and make you feel more at home. For each of our clients, we make sure to give them a special scent at the final reveal. It’s usually one that we’ve given careful thought to, that we feel captures the essence of their family and their new home. Creating a signature scent for your office is a great way to make it feel more personal. Adding a candle, a diffuser, eucalyptus, or a bouquet of your favorite flowers instantly fills the space with a personal touch. Here are some of our favorite home office scents:

A selection of candles from Diptyque, Le Labo, and Nest

Figuier by Diptyque | Verveine by Le Labo | Bamboo by Nest

Home Office Idea #7: Add something special in your home office

Workspace supplies and furnishings are where we often like to cut corners. Take care of yourself by indulging in something that you normally wouldn’t. Luxe office supplies make any work task feel a little more fun. Find some amazing stationery and pens you can use every day. Select a leather organizer or planner to help keep yourself stylishly organized. Invest in new a computer, tablet or technology to help you make the most of your work time. If you’re selecting a rug for your office, consider a gorgeous Kilim rug. It’s a classic, timeless heirloom piece that will last for years to come.

Your Perfect Home Office Design Ideas

Your home office design should be functional, comfortable, and stylish. It’s your office, so don’t be afraid to personalize it! Get creative with your storage spaces and make sure you lay out the room in a way that works for you. Choose furnishings that represent you and tell the story of your work. Set yourself up for success by designing a killer home office for yourself! For more home office design ideas and inspiration, follow along on Instagram and Pinterest.

A moody and stylish home office in Houston with dark woods and sitting area A close up of a lacquered desk in a stylish home office in Houston The sitting room in the Longmont study, designed by Laura U Modern home office in Houston with bookshelf and leather chair A gorgeously colorful bookshelf at the Harper office, designed by Laura U A soft chair from ModShop at the stylish home office at Harper in Houston

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