5 ways to incorporate patterned fabrics into your home

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I love incorporating vivid colors and prints into my designs. It can range from geometric, animal prints, organic shapes or the good ole’ stripes and polka dots – there’s always a place for patterned fabrics in your interiors. Prints and patterns are a great way to add depth, interest and personal touches to your home! So whether you like to layer patterns with solid colors or other prints, they allow for you to make as bold or as subtle of a statement as you like. 

Fabrics can be used on sofas, chairs, soft goods (I love a fabulous accent pillow!) and drapery. We love to source patterned fabrics to add a little extra personality to a new piece of furnishing or heirloom piece. We’ll often reupholster brand new or existing pieces with new fabrics that better fit the client’s style. It definitely can make an antiqued accent chair feel new and fresh!

There are so many creative and original ways that you can use patterned fabrics. Today we’re counting down 5 ways to incorporate them into your home.

Sofas and Sectionals

Make a statement with a soft patterned fabric for your sofas or sectionals. The subtle pattern of a weave, tweed or speckled print is perfect for these kinds of pieces. The pattern is unique compared to just using a solid fabric and it adds that little extra something to the furniture.

5 ways to incorporate patterned fabrics into your home

This sectional is dressed in Granito Peper from Lelievre Paris via Stark. The soft mix of greys, blacks and whites make a grain-like pattern mimicking salt and pepper. To finish off the look, throw in some accent pillows in a contrasting color or print.

Accent and Lounge Chairs

For a look that’s a bit more daring, use a bold print on accent or lounge chairs. Adding a printed fabric to a host chair is a great way to make those chairs stand out (like they’re meant to)! This green and tan paisley Peter Dunham fabric pops against the emerald green drapes and the solid side chairs. Just stunning!

5 ways to incorporate patterned fabrics into your home

Accent Pillows

You can NEVER go wrong by using an accent pillow. It adds a burst of detail and visual interest to a solid piece. If you’re not a big fan of loud prints or color,- a printed accent pillow is a great option. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to show off your personality without a huge commitment.

5 ways to incorporate patterned fabrics into your home

This space has very earthy, natural color palette – think terracotta. The accent pillows bring in gorgeous textures and ethnic prints to compliment the natural tones. It elevates the space and ties in the handpainted Fromental wall covering behind it. It’s so soothing, portraying the homeowner’s story without too many colors or noisy patterns within the space.

5 ways to incorporate patterned fabrics into your home

But accent pillows can also be used to introduce new colors and patterns to a neutral room! These printed accent pillows add touches of gray, orange, warm burgundy and reds. They add visual interest in a sophisticated way without overpowering the room.

Printed Rug or Stair Runner

A printed rug or stair runner is a fun way to add an eye-catching element to a neutral or solid color palette. This bright and bold cheetah print stair runner is definitely unexpected! It leads your eye up the stairs and pops against the natural colors around it.

5 ways to incorporate patterned fabrics into your home

You can also pair rich-hued furniture with neutral patterned rugs. The natural grays and whites in the chevron rug make a statement against the solid fabrics of the sectional and lounge chair. It’s a very clean and modern look!

5 ways to incorporate patterned fabrics into your home


Drapery is a great way to incorporate whimsical or delicate prints into a space. Whether you use a neutral print or something bright and colorful, they add details and bring interest to the room. This works especially well with a natural color palette.

5 ways to incorporate patterned fabrics into your home

You can still stay true to the theme of the space while mixing in details that catch the eye. This custom drapery from Spoonflower has a personalized print (designed to reflect our client’s company logo) – its super fun and gives this Boho office space a fresh and modern feel.

Make It You!

Whether you’re choosing fabric for your furniture, drapery or accent pillows, patterns are a great way to mix in personal touches to your home. Always remember to select fabrics that you love! So whether you love neutrals or colors, there’s something for everyone. We hope this has inspired you to use and mix in patterned fabrics in your home.

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