9 Iconic Objects Worth Collecting

Interior Design in an Encinco CA front foyer, gallery wall by Laura U

At Laura U, our approach to design focuses on what’s important to our clients. Before we start any design work, we take time to learn about what they love, where they travel, and how they spend their time. My team and I LOVE this part of the process! Learning about our clients allows us to design a space that showcases their timeless collectibles and tells their story throughout their home. Whether you have a handful of beautiful glasses or hundreds of books, you want to show those off! Those pieces are special to you and infuse your personality into your interior. Here are 9 unique and iconic objects worth collecting that you can use in your home’s interior design. Cobalt blue bar cart with vintage spirits and barware - Laura U Interior Design

1. Vintage Spirits and Barware

Glasses, decanters and ice buckets look beautiful on a bar cart or on the shelves behind your bar. Crystal pieces add a touch of vintage glam and are perfect for a clean, classic vignette. A set of stunning coasters or bottles of your favorite mixers are a fabulous way to add a pop of color. They elevate your bar area into a chic space, perfect for crafting cocktails at home. Custom wooden cabinet design with vintage barware display - Laura U Interior DesignIf you have a collection of vintage wines, create an eye-catching wall installation to display them. Your guests will love hearing the stories behind the bottles in your collection. And the best part is you won’t have to travel far from the table to grab a new bottle when you’re hosting dinner parties! Modern industrial bookshelves with iconic objects worth collecting - Laura U Interior Designer

2. Old-World Bookshelf Décor

Bookshelves are a fabulous way to dress up your space. Small sculptures, statues found on your travels or structural florals, like eucalyptus, look stunning on open bookshelves. Miniature artwork, well-done family photos and small heirlooms look fabulous on traditional bookshelves. Adding paint or wallpaper to the back of your bookshelves is a great way to add a pop of color or pattern. Rare book collection in mid century inspired study - Laura U Interior DesignOf course, you can never go wrong by lining your bookshelves with beautiful vintage books. Arrange them by genre or by color for an unexpected visual treat. If you’re looking for old, rare books to add to your collection, check out August Antiques in the Heights. This is one of my favorite places to spend a Saturday afternoon. Vintage typewriter collection in midern kitchen - Laura U Interior DesignBookshelves are also a fabulous space to display larger objects like typewriters! Instead of creating a traditional book display on these kitchen shelves, we chose to show off our client’s collection of colorful vintage typewriters. They’re whimsical, retro and provide a beautiful contrast to the crisp white shelves. Pair of antique mirrors in transitional living room - Laura U Interior Design

3. Pairs of Antique Mirrors

Pairs of antique mirrors are fabulous objects worth collecting. They bring a touch of European flair, especially when paired with stunning crystal chandeliers. For opulent vintage mirrors and eighteenth and nineteenth-century antique and industrial pieces, I love going to Found for the Home. Gold ornate vintage mirrors in transitional dining room - Laura U Interior DesignA pair of mirrors gives the space a focal point, adds depth and dimension and brings balance to the design. Plus, our eyes love the symmetry they create. In this glam dining room, the gold finish on the mirrors pops against the neutral walls and ties in the crystal chandelier. Vintage tea set displayed in minimal asian-inspired interior - Laura U Interior Design

4. Vintage Tea and China Sets

Vintage tea and china sets are timeless collectibles perfect for tabletop vignettes and china cabinets. The gorgeous colors and intricate patterns create a bespoke display. If you’re looking to uncover a vintage tea set of your own, visit David Lackey Antiques and Art. They specialize in collectible patterns of china and crystal from Spode, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Lenox, Baccarat, and Waterford. Colorful glassware display on modern shelving - Laura U Interior DesignIf you’re looking to bring some color into your space, vintage glasses are great objects worth collecting. Plus, Depression Glass is making a comeback! These timeless collectibles are beautiful on the shelf and make the perfect addition to your table design. The sapphire blue and green glasses were the perfect way to tie a painting into our client’s dining room. Vintage scarf displayed in transitional living room - Laura U Interior Design

5. Vintage Scarves

If you’re looking for a timeless collectible that’s a little different than traditional housewares and furniture, luxe antique accessories are definitely worth collecting. In fact, these make it into my collections as well. The pictures above and below are of my last home after all! Vintage scarves and jewelry look stunning on a coffee table or on display in your home office. Or create a piece of one-of-a-kind wall décor by framing your scarf. Black and white vintage vernacular in modern dining room - Laura U Interior Design

6. Vintage Photographs and Ephemera

There is something worldly and timeless about old photos, letters, and news clippings. It’s like holding a moment suspended in time and they deserve space to be on display in your home. Hang them above your bar cart, down a hallway or in your powder bathroom. They’re the perfect way to help you remember those every day moments and are great conversation starters!

7. Art

When it comes to objects worth collecting, you can never go wrong with art. Many of our clients have art collections, which I love seeing because they’re all different! Your art collection should have pieces that speak to you and reflect you and your family. Of course, it looks fabulous when you match your artwork to your home’s style. Joan Miro looks great in a mid century home and Impressionist art looks perfect in more traditional interiors. Whether it’s contemporary or classic, you can use art to liven up your home.

8. Chairs

For me, a statement chair is an object worth collecting. Anyone who knows me knows I have a serious chair obsession. I mean it, it’s serious, ya’ll. But who can blame me? Chairs are the perfect addition to any space, even your backyard. The classic Eames chair or a swivel chair are two iconic chairs worth collecting. They’re sleek, timeless and are still popular today. Statement chairs work with any design style and are pieces your kiddos will love having in their own homes when they get older.

9. Experiences

One of the most important objects worth collecting is the experience. Your home is where you build your legacy, where you make your memories. Having a beautiful, functional space where you can host gorgeous fetes and entertain family and friends is essential to building a life well-lived. It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting a collection or adding to it, these 9 iconic pieces are objects worth collecting. Whether you love vintage tea sets, photographs or books, don’t be afraid to show these pieces off! These timeless collectibles tell your story and are a fabulous way to add personality to your home. Plus, they’re a beautiful reminder of all the special memories you and your family share.


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